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These Innocent Children Will Become Homeless If They Do Not Get Urgent Help

Challenges Faced by Disabled Children

1. Abandonment and neglect by families

2. Vulnerability to exploitation and abuse, including forced begging and sexual violence

3. Lack of access to proper healthcare, education, and support services

4. Social stigma and discrimination leading to exclusion from society

5. Girls with disabilities are often raped for years
6. Left abandoned on road, often this children's pick up trash from garbage to eat

Anil Joseph, a special educator from Uttar Pradesh, founded the NGO "Ashray" in 2005 to provide a nurturing environment for mentally and physically disabled children. Born out of Anil's compassion and inspired by his own life experiences, Ashray serves as a beacon of hope and support for vulnerable children

How Anil and Ashray Help Special Kids

Anil Joseph and Ashray provide shelter, education, healthcare, and therapy to disabled children, fostering a loving and supportive environment where they can thrive. Through personalized care and attention, Anil ensures that each child feels valued and respected, offering them opportunities for growth and development.

Current Challenges Faced by Anil and Ashray

Despite their tireless efforts, Anil and Ashray struggle with limited resources and financial constraints. The existing facilities, though filled with love, are insufficient to meet the growing needs of the children. Without urgent help, these innocent children face the risk of homelessness and further hardship.

Now is the time to stand with Anil Joseph and Ashray in their mission to provide a safe and loving home for disabled children. Your support can make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children, offering them hope, dignity, and a brighter future.

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