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This Is One Mother’s Plea To Save Her Daughter’s Life From A Deadly Disease

“Why isn’t she opening her eyes? Why does it look like she’ll never wake up?!” Lakshmi is frantic. She looks to her husband, Bhagawan for answers. He has none.

It’s the most heartbreaking sight. Watching a mother beg her baby to wake up. Lakshmi holds her little one’s hands, telling her, her mumma is there for her. But Anushka doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t move, her eyelids don’t even twitch – all signs that baby Anushka is very critical.  

One night changed her fate

Anushka’s condition deteriorated on Saturday. She cried all night, her fever was at an all-time high, she would kick and scream every time Lakshmi or Bhagawan tried to pick her up. By Sunday morning, she was critical in the ICU.

Baby Anushka has a chronic liver disease that was diagnosed in May. The doctors said that she needs a liver transplant to survive.  

“Her condition wasn’t this bad till Saturday. She was doing okay with the medicines, we had time to arrange money for her transplant. But now…all the tests are done, I can donate my liver to save my baby. We just can’t afford it so soon. We’re so close to taking her…home. Look at her, she’s only a little over a year old…”

Lakshmi breaks down mid-sentence. Bhagawan holds her, asks her to stay strong for Anushka. But he also knows that she’s running out of time, and they’re helpless.

She had just started talking, taking her first steps – now she might never wake up

“She was so happy and active before this. She had started standing with support, she started calling out to us…we have an older son, and we always wanted a daughter. Everything started to look up for us when she was born! My work started picking up, everything seemed to suddenly start going smoothly….until this May. When her stomach started to swell up…” – Bhagawan

Nothing has been the same since then. When the medicines her local doctor gave her didn’t work, Bhagawan took Anushka to Vellore and Lucknow in the hope for some answers. Both the hospitals told them that she needed a liver transplant. Bhagawan works as an assistant in a private company. He has spent over 3 lakhs so far. The transplant is beyond his means.

Baby Anushka needs a liver transplant at the earliest. All their prayers, all their efforts, all their tears – nothing is enough to save her anymore. She needs your help.
Patient Anushka Adhikari is 1 year 8 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated by Dr Seema Alam in Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Advanced Chronic Liver Disease

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