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He's Not Even 1 And A Dangerous Disease Is Causing His Brain To Swell Up

“What do I tell you? My wife... whenever she looks at him, she can’t help but cry. It’s been 2 months now that my child is admitted in the hospital. He even spent his birthday in the ICU. What can be more painful for a parent than to watch their child fall unconscious, struggling to survive a fatal disease…” - Sailendra, father

Ankur is suffering from Tuberculous meningitis. It is the most severe form of infection of the tissues, covering the brain and spinal cord, causing death or disability in more than half of those affected. But little Ankur is fighting hard.

"He stopped responding when we called, he stopped making noises and was very dull.  And soon he started vomiting 2-3 times a day. We knew he was sick but such a big disease? He is so small to bear all of this. I don't want to lose my baby" - Nilam, mother

2 major surgeries before he could even turn one

Ankur was born prematurely at 8 months but nothing seemed wrong at that time. Just within 2 months, Ankur’s head started to swell and it was found out that water was accumulating in his brain. Soon the diagnosis of a fatal disease left the parents devastated. He underwent 2 major surgeries and innumerable tests before he could even turn one.

“He is suffering since the day he was born, I want all of his sufferings to end. But I am feeling helpless now, I have put all I have to save my only child but it is not enough... ”

One last surgery and they can take him home

The parents take turns to be with him. One waits outside the ICU while the other stays awake all night looking at him. They have spent all their savings and insurance money so far. Ankur needs one last surgery to fully recover and these parents can take their child home.

“15 lakhs... I have spent all I had, I borrowed all I could but now, I have no source left. What should I do now? One last surgery can save my child and I can’t afford it. I feel angry at myself for not being able to do anything…” - Sailendra, with tears in his eyes

Sailendra works as an IT employee and Nilam is a home maker. Ankur is their first child and it is heartbreaking for them to see him like this.Your generous contribution can save this little child and give him a normal life.
Patient Ankur is 1 year 16 days old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated by Dr. Lokesh Lingappa in Rainbow Children's Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving PICU treatment for Tubercular meningitis

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