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After Battling Covid, This Teenager Wasn't Aware That Cancer Was Destroying Her Too

The past few days have been extremely difficult for 18-year old Anchal. Hiding from her mother, she tries to google 'blood cancer' and breaks down reading about it, wondering if she will have to go through everything the website details.

A close-knit family of 5, Anchal is the youngest of them all. Her father works as a door-to-door salesman making Rs.10,000 a month. Due to the financial hardships, her brother had started giving tuitions while in college. They were somehow managing their expenses with that, until Anchal and her brother both got Covid-19, cutting down a major chunk of their income.

Anchal was admitted for 11 days in the hospital for critically low platelets and high fever. She was advised to be hospitalized for a few more days but her parents, Babita and Lalji, couldn't afford to keep her there further.

"When we took her to a local hospital for check-up, I got so scared because they immediately admitted her without telling us what really happened to her. They gave her 7 units of blood. The bills were mounting and after a week I begged them to discharge her. At least that way, we could save something up for her medicines and food in this critical condition."- Babita, mother 

She was fighting covid and cancer at the same time

While she was down with covid, Anchal's family was devastated to find out that she was also suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and her chemotherapy needs to start urgently. They were unprepared to hear about how two deadly diseases are ravaging their little daughter at the same time and that they would need 12 lakhs to save her. 

"I'm very scared now. I have only heard about cancer before and I know it can kill people. What if I will die too? This treatment needs lakhs of rupees and I know my Ma and Baba cannot arrange it all so soon. They haven't slept a day since they got to know about my blood cancer. They only worry about me and seeing them in so much pain makes me feel it is all my fault." - Anchal 

Her father needs this job to afford her medical bills

For Anchal's father, Lalji, there wasn't a day that went by without seeing his daughters. But for 2 months now, he hasn't seen Anchal out of the fear that he would lose his job in this dire situation. He is back in Siliguri, whereas Anchal is in Kolkata.

"No matter how hectic or tiring my day has been, I always came back home with a mango for Anchal because that was the only thing she had ever demanded from me. Even such a simple thing like this would put a smile on my baby girl's face. I'm physically miles away from her but mentally, all I think about is Anchal. Every second I wonder if she has taken her antibiotics on time or whether the needles are hurting her too much."- Lalji, father

Anchal with her familyAnchal used to be very quick with maths and would always tally her father's earnings and expenses, cheekily scolding him for spending money. Now her family has put in all their life savings to save Anchal but it's still not enough. Every penny they had saved to secure their kids' future has been spent now, because for them,  what good is the future if they won't have their youngest daughter in it?

Please help them arrange 12 lakhs by clicking here so that Anchal's treatment can start as soon as possible. 
Patient Anchal Gupta is 18 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated in TATA Medical Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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