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Abandoned by His Father, 12-Year Old Begs For Help To Save Himself From A Cancerous Brain Tumour

"He was sinking and his vision doubled up, all because of a pool of clotted blood in his brain. They rushed him to the Operation Theatre to drain it out because his brain fluids started leaking, leading to a severe infection. The doctor had almost asked me to bid goodbye to my son but he stayed..he fought with death just to stay with me but now I'm struggling to save my son."- Mampi, mother 

12-year old Ajoy has Medulloblastoma, a cancerous brain tumour that has ravaged this little kid since March. It started with acute vomiting and unbearable headaches. He would throw up every morning and constantly feel weak. But little did his mother, Mampi, know that all these symptoms would turn out to be a deadly cancer. 

Despite a surgery, his cancerous tumour is still compressing his brain internally

"When they showed me the size of the tumour in his brain, I was taken aback. His cancerous tumour was rapidly spreading and severely compressing his brain. A high-risk surgery was the only option left but when the doctors told me it could also be fatal for him, I didn't have strength to tell that to my sister. They could only take out a part of his tumour, so my nephew is still struggling with cancer. "- Lakshmikant, uncle

Her husband abandoned her and the kids after marriage 

Mampi was married to Dinesh years ago only to find out later that he is mentally challenged. Ajoy's father had abandoned Mampi and her two kids just a year after marriage. Since then, Mampi has begged him to help her out financially after knowing about Ajoy's treatment but he doesn't care anymore. He lives off her income which she gathers from working as a house help in her village.

"I was cheated into marrying him and even when I was willing to accept my husband, he has always abused me. Our son was dying in the hospital but he still didn't come to visit him once. My son keeps asking me why his father doesn't love him but it breaks my heart to tell him that he is fatherless even after having a father?"- Mampi, mother 

He still needs chemo to prevent his brain tumour from spreading further

After a life-threatening surgery, Ajoy's tumour couldn't be completely taken out. Only continued chemotherapy and radiotherapy can now help him be rid of his remaining tumour. But his mother needs 8 lakhs for that and it is next to impossible for her to get that from being just a domestic worker. She blames herself for being a single mother and incapable of saving her son all by herself. Mampi's whole world revolves around her two kids. Even the thought of losing any one of them would crush her heart but she doesn't have anyone else to go to. A single mother, who wishes to just save her son is helplessly pleading for some support now.

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Patient Ajay Bauri is 12 years old, living in Durgapur, West Bengal
Being treated in Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving treatment for medulloblastoma

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