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This Young And Loving Husband Had Met With A Gruesome Accident That Caused Internal Organ Damage

When I think about that period in my life, I break out in a sweat. I still cannot believe that I was able to bounce back from such a horrific accident. Those days in the hospital…they’re still a blur for me. All I know is that without the kind support of Milaap’s donors, I wouldn’t have been alive to tell my story today.” - Abhishek Namdev

He was the perfect husband, enjoying marital bliss when the unthinkable happened

Back in 2019, Abhishek and Neelam were newlyweds, head over heels in love with each other and savouring every moment of their new life together. Abhishek had a decent and steady job in a private company, and they lived in a cosy little rented apartment in a good neighbourhood. They had started planning for kids, and were very happy. But in November that year, the unthinkable happened. They were on their way home from the temple when an out-of-control bus rammed into them, throwing them both off their bike and very nearly killing Abhishek.

“I was riding with my wife on my bike... and then suddenly I saw something ramming onto us. I blacked out after this. My wife told me later how she saw me lying on the other side of the road, covered in blood. By the time she had crawled over to me, my arm was nearly gone and I was barely conscious.” - Abhishek

‘My wife kept begging me to not die…’

The impact with the bus was so hard that the young couple was thrown ten feet into the air. Neelam suffered a hard blow to her head and an injury to her leg. Abhishek’s injuries were far more severe: he nearly lost his arm at the elbow, horribly injured his lungs, ruptured his diaphragm (an organ that works with the lungs to breathe), his liver got critically damaged, his kidney got severed, and 50% of his intestine got damaged and had to be removed.

His family was able to afford the initial rounds of treatment, but they were put in a difficult spot when doctors informed them that Abhishek would require prolonged ICU care along with multiple reparative surgeries.
“I was unconscious, but I remember my wife’s wails faintly. She was begging me not to die. I wanted to get better, completely recover, and live for her. She told me later how we were short on funds and had no way to continue my treatment, and how Milaap came to our rescue. A timely fundraiser set up by my family was able to reach thousands of you wonderful donors, who, after hearing my story, decided to help me undergo treatment.” - Abhishek

This young man was able to get his dream life back, all thanks to you

The fundraiser went viral on the internet and garnered enough funds to help the family pay for Abhishek’s life-saving treatment. He was able to undergo multiple surgeries, including those of the intestine, kidneys and bladder, after which he was discharged from the hospital. Though he was now out of danger, he still had to undergo physiotherapy sessions which helped him overcome his weakness with time. Today, Abhishek has fully recovered and has gone back to work. He is leading a wonderful, peaceful life with his loving wife and family members.

“I cannot thank you all enough for your contributions. My wife and I always keep you in our prayers. I believe in the power of kindness to change lives, as it is exactly what has enabled me to stand strong in the face of adversity. Thank you, Milaap, once again.” - Abhishek

A total of over INR 10.10L was raised towards Abhishek’s treatment through Milaap, and he and his family are forever grateful for the kindness you’ve shown them.

Abhishek was fortunate that your help arrived before something bad could happen to him but accidents can happen anytime and they come without warning. The stark truth is that not everyone is as lucky as Abhishek - not everyone’s family is able to arrange enough funds in time for the extensive treatment that follows trauma cases. Patients linger in unbearable pain and suffering for many years, unable to get the medical care they deserve to recuperate properly. Trauma patients often hang between life and death, in a vegetative state, as a result.

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