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Born With Several Complications, Aaron Underwent 17 Painful Surgeries In The Last 13 Years For A Hope Of Survival

Every moment of 13-year-old Aaron's life has been a struggle to survive. Born after fighting several medical complications, he grew up with a plethora of ailments and physical deformities. He didn’t have nostrils or a palate, and his heart had multiple holes. The doctors believed that he also had a dysfunctional brain, and gave up all hope on baby Aaron. His parents were told that he would live his life in a vegetative state.  

But, despite everything, they didn’t lose heart and kept fighting for his survival. From the moment he was born, Aaron’s parents have been relentlessly striving to provide him with the best life that they could. Today, they are overwhelmed with happiness and feel extremely proud of their son, who with his sheer determination and strength, as well as support from kind souls like you, successfully pushed through over a dozen surgeries to come this far in his recovery.

‘They told us to give up on him, but we refused’

When Aaron was born, everyone around us started saying the same thing - to lose our hopes of saving him and that there was no point in raising a child with severe defects. My heart breaks at the memory of it. Aaron is not defective… he is a God-gifted child, and there was no way we were giving up.” - Sumita

Aaron's parents, especially his mother, Sumita, had left no stone unturned to seek treatment for her only child. 13 years and 17 surgeries later, Aaron is now in stable condition. He is still dealing with a few complications, including a face deformity and complete loss of sight in one eye, but he is continuously undergoing several therapy sessions, including speech therapy, and is battling against his medical demons.

His parents were not in a position to afford the crucial procedures he needed

In his initial years, when he needed his mother the most, Sumita could not dedicate her entire time to Aaron because she was the sole breadwinner of the family. But as he grew older, both parents’ work life took a back seat and they focused completely on their child’s needs.

Financially, they were absolutely drained. To afford his first couple of surgeries, they had to patiently wait and have a lot of courage to let things fall into place. They sold everything of value, but they still had no way to bear the expenses of his last few surgeries.

“Life hasn’t been easy for him at all. Growing up, he started understanding things better and his medical condition began to affect him mentally. Aaron would get upset when his classmates would call him a ghost and shut him out, which is why we had to switch to getting him home-schooled. When he did go to school, he would come back home crying every day, saying that no one wanted to play with him, and it broke our hearts. All we wanted was for him to live a carefree life like other children and surgery was the only way to guarantee that. But our financial condition was so dire, we had no way to afford it…” - Tuhin, father

His life and the future he envisioned were both at stake, when you shined your light on him

Even at this tender age, Aaron already has a set goal in mind in terms of what he wants to be when he grew up - a veterinarian. But with each day that passed without surgery, his parents feared for his future. His condition would have not only stopped him from achieving his full potential, but it would have also become a huge threat to his life.

With all their options and resources exhausted, they put their faith in you and hoped you would help them give Aaron a fair chance at living his life like a normal child. And you came through! Your unyielding support and fervent prayers gave way to Aaron’s remarkable progress.

We couldn’t be happier to see our son thriving and living the life he deserves. It was everything we had ever wished for. He is doing well and recovering at an amazing pace. The doctors have planned a few more surgeries for him in the next year, but we will cross that bridge when we get there. For now, we want to thank each and every one of you for contributing to our campaign and making it possible for our child to undergo treatment successfully. You are always in our thoughts, and we hope you continue to keep Aaron in your prayers.” - Sumita

Aaron's parents were fortunate that their prayers were answered right in time, and that your help arrived before something bad could happen to them. But the bitter truth is that many children born with rare disorders do not receive the same help. Millions of innocent kids suffer from cruel symptoms such as underdevelopment, weakness, localised pain, etc, due to which their life becomes a living nightmare.

If these little ones do not get treated within a specific period of time, their quality of life suffers, and eventually, they face the risk of death. Funds stand between them and their healthy, bright futures. You can help avoid these complications, by donating to Milaap Kids’ Rare Disease Fund, which will ensure that no child suffering from rare diseases is left behind.

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