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Struggling To Face The World With Several Complications, This Young Boy Seeks Your Help

“When Aaron was born, everyone around us started saying the same thing - to lose our hopes of saving him and that there was no point in raising a child with severe defects. My heart breaks at the memory of it. Aaron is not defective, he is a God-gifted child. He is our world.” - Sumita, mother

12-year-old Aaron was born with multiple complications. He didn’t have nostrils or a palate, he had multiple holes in his heart, one of his eyes was completely dysfunctional and the doctors suspected that his brain might not function properly too. Despite everything, his parents refused to give up and kept fighting for his survival.

He underwent 15 surgeries to survive 

“From the moment he was born, till now, we have been on the constant mission to provide our child with the best life we can. He went through a lot, my little child… he has undergone 15 surgeries right from the moment he was born. Now, he is doing really well and is so close to getting every problem fixed with this one last and major surgery. But we are unable to provide him with that.” - Tuhin, father

Aaron still suffers from Orbital Hypertelorism, an abnormally increased lateral distance between the orbits, and he can breathe only through one nostril. He needs a complex craniofacial surgery involving 3 expert surgeons and a surgery for nose reconstruction. But his parents are unable to afford it.

“Life hasn’t been easy for him. As he is growing up, he is understanding things better and his medical condition is starting to affect him mentally. Aaron gets upset when other kids his age call him a ghost and shut him out. This is also one of the main reasons Aaron is being homeschooled. He went to a proper educational institution for only one year. When he did go to school, he would come back home crying every day , saying that no one wants to play with him. It just broke our hearts. All we want is for him to live his life carefree like kids of his age, and this surgery can give him that.”- Sumita

They need your help

Due to Aaron’s condition, Sumita and Tuhin’s work lives have taken a back seat. They focused completely on their child’s needs and financially, they haven’t been doing great. To afford all those 15 surgeries, they had to wait with patience and a lot of courage for things to fall in place. They sold everything they had of value and now, they are failing to continue.

“Although he is just in 5th standard, he knows he wants to be a Veterinarian. He is such a lively and happy child who is musically gifted too. But we fear for his future. His condition will stop him from achieving his full potential and we never want that to happen. Please help us save our son’s future. You are our only hope.” 

Born after fighting several medical complications, 12-year-old Aaron needs this surgery to live a normal life. But his parents have exhausted everything they had. Click here to donate to the cause.
Patient Aaron Bhadra is 12 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated in Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving treatment for Hyperteloism

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