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'My Brother Had So Many Dreams, But Now A Traumatic Brain Injury Has Made Him Completely Bedridden'

"Vamshi is my youngest brother. Our other brother is blind, and as his siblings, Vamshi and I have always strived to take care of him. But now, fate has made Vamshi the weak one - not mentally, but physically. I know he is a fighter, and we believe he can overcome this with the right support." - Bhuvaneshwari

On the evening of May 5th, 18-year-old Vamshi Vardhan's life took an unexpected and tragic turn. While riding home, he collided with a divider, suffering severe injuries to his brain and elbow. He lay there for some time before a passer-by found him. He was immediately rushed to a hospital, where he spent eight agonizing days in the ICU. Although he is now out of the ICU, his journey to recovery is far from over.

His life has been put on hold indefinitely

Vamshi is an 18-year-old intermediate second-year student at Deepshikha Vocational Junior College. Known for his cheerfulness and dedication to his studies, this accident has not only put his academic dreams on hold but has also placed an immense financial burden on his family. He was on the ventilator for many days as his condition was described as life-threatening by doctors. 

"He wanted to get a job as soon as possible. He has grown up seeing the pain that my parents have gone through to raise us. This is why he chose to get upskilled in a job-assured course at a vocational college. The fees were also not much, and he knew he could support the family sooner than later. He always thought of his family before anything else. Now, look at his condition." - Bhuvaneshwari, tearfully

The accident has taken a significant toll on Vamshi's family, both emotionally and financially

His father, the primary breadwinner, works as a car driver, a job that barely covers the family's daily needs. His elder brother, 21, is pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Hyderabad, while his elder sister, 23, works as an assistant in the medical records department at a hospital in Hyderabad. Despite their combined efforts, the family has exhausted their savings on initial medical expenses.

"Our savings are completely drained, insurance is already used up, and now we are struggling to keep up with the daily medical expenses. He has to undergo further treatment to bounce back to life, but we don't know what to do. We can only ask for your help." - Bhuvaneshwari

The cost of Vamshi's ongoing treatment is overwhelming. Daily medical expenses, rehabilitation, and potential surgeries add up to an amount that the family cannot manage alone. They have depleted all their resources and are now in desperate need of financial support to ensure Vamshi receives the care he needs to recover fully.

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Patient A Vamshi Vardhan is 18 years old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated in Brinnova - Rehabilitation Center & Physiotherapy, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving treatment for Accident(Head Injuiry / Brain Injury)

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