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They can range from anything, from promoting greenery to raising funds for educating the girl child. To build toilets for the poor and saving the endangered species. We've probably seen all this in TV adverts, papers.etc
Advertising on TVs, publishing it on papers.etc are one of the few ideas to raise funds. But, publishing your AD on a national daily/television can be costly. Don't worry, there are tons of other methods one can use to raise funds. 
And most of these methods which are mentioned below require little or no funds to execute it. 
Here are few fundraising ideas for social causes:

1) 5K Run/Walkathons 
2) Hosting an art show
3) Hosting a magic show
4) Printing T-shirts
5) Leveraging crowdfunding platforms

1) 5K run/walkathons:
As it is an open event, it allows anyone to participate in it. Firstly, runs/walkathons promote the collective cause of fitness among the people. Secondly, the people who conduct walkathons print t-shirts which promote their real cause. It increases the outreach and spreads the cause among others.
There is a registration fee as well, which contributes directly to the cause. If 1000 people register for the run by contributing ₹100/- then you've already raised ₹100000/-. It is indeed a good way to raise funds. But, one must keep in mind the costs of printing t-shirts, appropriate permission from authorities before organizing such a big event and having a team of volunteers who can take up registration from various places across the city. 
It requires proper planning and skillful execution.

2) Hosting an art show:
In a country like India, there is no shortage of talent. Art as a skill needs to be recognized among the masses and artists need to be recognized for their work. When you're hosting an art show, not only you are benefiting the artists, but increasing awareness of art. A nominal entry fee can be charged depending on the venue and the type of artists you invite. 

3) Hosting a Magic show:
Magic is also a form of art. People love watching magic on TV and have always been fascinated to watch it live. A Magic show spans roughly for about 2 hours and one need not book the venue for the whole day. Tickets can be sold via platforms like Bookmyshow or offline. It is a great way to promote the art of magic among people of all ages. One can hire a magician easily and discuss the costs, dates.etc

4) Printing t-shirts:
A t-shirt can have a lot of impact on people. It is a garment you wear for months together and people are known to buy funky t-shirts with quotes on it. One can make effective use of his advertising skills and promote the t-shirt with his cause on it. 
This is why crowdfunding sites like Booster have come up with an intuitive crowdfunding platform which allows a fundraiser to sell custom t-shirts and collect donations. It is a smarter way to promote the cause and raise money simultaneously.

5) Crowdfunding:
Crowdfunding has been there for centuries. Many companies/startups are resorting to crowdfunding. Charities have slowly started realizing the importance of crowdfunding and it is time you should do it too. One can do crowdfunding easily online by making use of crowdfunding websites. 
These websites allow a fundraiser to register and raise funds for the project. The costs are affordable online and one can promote the cause across various online social networking sites to gain reach. This allows people, from not only your city but other parts of the cities and even people from other countries to donate to your cause. In India, one can choose crowdfunding sites like Milaap to raise funds for their cause.