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Start a campaign and raise funds from your friends and family for a cause you care about. You can choose from one of the many causes listed here - or even start your own campaign! It takes less than 60 seconds to get started!

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Most people use Milaap to raise money for themselves, for friends and family, for their favorite charity and for causes of national importance. These include crowdfunding for charities, medical expenses of friends and family, education needs, volunteering and fellowships, neighbourhood, emergencies, natural disasters, sports, documentaries, rural development, arts, and animal rescue causes to name a few.


Across the world, millions of people like you are fundraising for a cause close to their hearts. When you raise money for a cause online, you reach out to so many more people and raise awareness along with enhancing your own fundraising ideas. You invite your family and friends to support your cause, and the impact you make is a lot bigger. When you fundraise on Milaap, your impact can be multiplied many time over.


It’s simple: Decide a cause that inspires you, start a campaign, and raise funds from your family and friends by hosting a fundraising page. You can start accepting donations from people around the world with no upfront or fixed fee. No penalties or extra fees either. Once your fundraising campaign begins receiving online donations, you can easily request a withdrawal at any time. You receive whatever you fundraise (net the Milaap and payment gateway fees). You can even fundraise on an upcoming occasion: birthday fundraiser, wedding event, marathon fundraisers and so on.

You can fundraise for any cause dear to you!

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