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Teach for India: Empower my adventurers with the gift of learning
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    Priyanka Venkat
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    4th graders of Govindnagar MPS English Medium

    from Mumbai, Maharashtra


Hi! I’m Priyanka Venkat (a Teach for India fellow) and I teach 48 beautiful fourth graders in a BMC school in Malad, Mumbai.

This is Rehan. He is eight years old and comes from a family of four. He is a vivacious child, who by matters of circumstance, has been exposed to violence all his life. He also has a medical condition where he gets fits and faints often. This has played out in different ways in the classroom, with his minuscule attention span, his frequent defiant standoffs with the teachers in school, and his aggressive behaviour towards his classmates.

My biggest challenge and goal right now, is to get him invested in his education and for him to know that there is a big, beautiful world out there for him. I want to help him look beyond his immediate surroundings, and dream about where he can go. Rehan is just one of my 48 kids who come from difficult circumstances, but are super enthusiastic about who they can become. I believe that one of the most important ways I can help my kids dream, is to help them fall in love with reading. In order to build literacy in the classroom, a library with books of different reading levels would do wonders in helping me achieve this. I also want to give them experiences that broaden their perspective on the world. This includes excursions to museums, workshops, extracurriculars like sports, dance and music.

However, I need help in providing them with resources they desperately need.

How can you help?

Donate money for-

1) Books- Considering that my kids are at different reading levels, I need to buy books that cater to those levels. Additionally, to inspire them, I will be teaching them about leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Hausabai (indian freedom fighter), and Kiran Bedi. Some of these books are expensive to get for an entire class and will need help in doing so.
I need to raise: 9000.

2) Stationery items: Charts around the class really stimulate a child’s learning. So even if the child’s mind is wandering, he/she can look at the charts and learn something. Chart paper, tape, coloured paper, sketch pens and glue to create charts.
We need to raise: Rs. 6000/-

3) Textbooks the school provides are high rigour for our children. English is a new language for them and just teaching the kids out of textbooks is not going to help. We design our own worksheets, understanding the children’s needs.
We need money to xerox these worksheets for our kids. The current price of xerox is Rs. 2 per sheet (we at times get a discount) While we can reimburse some money from Teach for India, it’s not always enough. This year we are introducing them to history also.
I need to raise: Rs. 8000/-

4) Educational excursions: We all remember our school trips to the museum and the zoo. Field trips are recognised as important moments in learning; a shared social experience that provides the opportunity for students to encounter and explore novel things in an authentic setting. Also, it’s a lot of fun as they hardly get time in their daily life from tuition and household chores.

a) Trip to Nehru planetarium and Discovery of India.
Hire a bus: Rs 4000
Main gate entry: Free We need to raise: Rs. 4000/-

b) Dramebaaz: (Interschool play competition) Registration: 2500/- Bus fee (this is a shared bus with other schools): 1000/- The registration fee is per team. So I need to raise at the minimum: Rs. 3500.

At the very minimum, we need to raise Rs. 30,500. My goal is to raise upto one lakh so that I can give more to my kids in terms of enrolling them in classes that build different skills, and other support structures like counselling, help with learning disabilities etc. 

Your contribution will go a long way in helping my kids explore the world around them and achieve our goals for the year.  

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