Help children of Vanavil celebrate Deepavali

It's Deepavali!!!! 

A day when the laughter of happy kids is louder than crackers bursted.  
A day eagerly awaited by the kids  as they get their only new dress for the year other than the school uniform they get at the beginning of the school year.

A day of colors

A day of fun

A day of happiness

Children at Vanavil come from nomadic tribes who are traditionally very poor and extremely marginalized. Most of them beg for a living.  Without Vanavil, these kids would go out begging for crackers and sweets during Deepavali time.
Vanavil has been providing a safe haven to such children for the last 12 years. For Deepavali, we provide a new set of clothes (the child gets to pick what he/she likes), crackers and a sumptuous meal (of course, sweets included) to all the children. Despite rising costs, we have managed to provide this magical experience at Rs. 1000/child.

Please join us in creating another magical day for all the beautiful children of Vanavil. Your contribution will add color to the kids.  

About Vanavil:
Vanavil is an alternative school working closely with two of the most marginalized communities in Tamil Nadu. Boom Boom Mattukarars and Narikuravars are ancient nomadic tribes who have been forced to eke out a living through begging and selling minor wares. Vanavil was started in 2005 in the aftermath of the Tsunami by a handful of  youngsters and has grown with the help of individual donors and foundations  who are committed to the cause of education of marginalized and underprivileged children. Visit us at and like us on Facebook.

Press coverage of our 2015 Deepavali celebrations

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18th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

We put together a short video of our Deepavali celebrations.

Thank you so much for your love and support.


20th October 2017
Dear Supporters of Vanavil

We are humbled by the support you showed us this Deepavali.  With your generous help and wishes,  we at Vanavil celebrated a happy, colourful and fun Deepavali this year like never before. Thank you from all of us!!!!

Celebrations started on Tuesday with our kids' favorite activity, art. Our younger kids who are in classes  up to 5th did art installations with what they found in and around our beautiful campus. Our older kids who are in middle school and beyond competed in Rangoli as teams. Their imagination has no bounds. The teams came up with forest theme, village theme and one team even came up with a dinosaur theme. We were happy to see kids think beyond the traditional Rangoli designs.

Some of the art workArtwork by Vanavil kidsWe began our Deepavali Eve by lighting lamps with a small prayer and went on to bursting crackers. The school and the night sky were lit with colorful lights from the crackers and the kids had a lot of fun. We ensured safety of the kids and that it didn't disturb the local people. This year we reduced the crackers as the first step towards a pollution free Deepavali.

The kids went to sleep after dinner with mehndi in their hands and dreams about Deepavali dresses.
On the day of Deepavali, the kids woke up early and got ready in their colorful outfits. We had an amazing breakfast followed by cultural events such as dance, song and drama organised by the school staff and kids. Finally, it all ended with distribution of sweet packets provided by Sri Krishna Sweets which they took home.

We at Vanavil are overwhelmed by your support and would like to thank you for such an astounding Deepavali. We would like you to invite you all to join us for our next Deepavali celebrations. Please do come visit us anytime when you are in the vicinity. We hope you will extend your support to us in the future. Visit to know about our work and to make a change.  For continuous updates and more photos, like us on Facebook.

Thank you!!
Vanavil Team.
18th October 2017
Happy Deepavali to all our supporters. We are overwhelmed by the outpour of support and wishes. Kids had an amazing Deepavali celebrations. We will be posting detailed update with colorful pictures soon.

Thank you,
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Happy Deepavali

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