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Help Utsav participate in MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp

I am Utsav Gudhaka. I have been selected for MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp to be held in Taiwan from 10th to 15th September. I have started this campaign to raise the required funds to make this possible.

About me:
I am trained in Engineering from BITS Pilani University and I have research experience in making energy efficient, sustainable and green buildings for urban areas from NTU Singapore and IIT Bombay. More than a year back I decided to travel through the small towns and villages in India and just observe. These travels led me to the beautiful spiritual town of Auroville. It was in Auroville, when I first felt my connect with Nature and Food. The meals I had there was nourishment for my mind, body and soul. This was because, the food was fresh, locally grown and cooked & served with a lot of love.

When I moved back to the city, I saw that this connect was completely missing in the city.
  •  Most of the people in the city have never really planted a seed or nurtured/loved a plant. 
  • The food we eat is highly processed and adulterated and it is the cause of many diseases.
  • The food travels from long distances to feed the urban areas. (~40% of the food produced is wasted in transportation and storage)
  • Large scale land degradation is taking place due to added pressure on land to produce more food.
  • 70% of worlds freshwater is used by agriculture due to unsustainable agricultural practices.
  • On top of all of this, 1 out of 9 people in the world do not get enough food.

Clearly, I realized that our food system is broken and I was deeply concerned about this. So, I have made it my life's mission to work towards creating a sustainable food system! I do this through the tool at my disposal, Technology!

About MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp:
It is a program for young entrepreneurs to come together and solve complex problems of our current food and agricultural system. 120 innovators from 70+ countries will be a part of this program with mentors who have deep understanding of the problems. The program will enhance the skills needed to bring about change in the food system.
MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp


Tuition = $6000 = INR 3,88,000
Travel = INR 42,000
Accommodation + Visa =  INR 40,000
Total = INR 4,70,000
Money to be Raised = INR 4,30,000 
Rest of the money (INR 40,000 + any miscellaneous cost) will be funded by my savings.

I should pay ₹1,29,334 ($2000) by 7th July 2017 and the remaining should be paid by July 30th, 2017.

Clearly our food system is broken and hurting us as well as the planet. So, I intend to relentlessly work for a sustainable food system. This Bootcamp would truly accelerate me on this path by providing me with the necessary guidance, skills and network. I urge you to support me on my mission for a safe, healthy and sustainable food system by contributing to campaign!

Thank You.

The admission letter from MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp
The admission letter from MIT Beyond Food Bootcamp
Ask for an update
1st September 2017
Dear One,
Thank you for your support for the fundraiser campaign.

However, since the campaign could not raise the required amount for MIT beyond food bootcamp, I am unable to use the support given and money donated towards participating in this bootcamp.

Instead, if you allow, these funds can be used for making a small scale vertical farms for urban farming. The small scale vertical farm is a part of my project to enable urban farming. It is in prototype stage. I have built the 0th prototype (design term for: fully functional, proof of concept) and the funds gathered here can be used to fund the 1st prototype (a larger version with more functionalities). This work is aligned with the same vision with which I had applied at MIT - of working towards a sustainable food system.

Milaap will be transferring the funds from the earlier campaign to the new campaign - Please do let me know if this is OK with you. If not, Milaap has agreed to refund the money. I would completely understand if you had donated specifically for the MIT Bootcamp.

Thank you for your support and love once again. This energy you have poured in is a great support.


18th August 2017
Dear friends,

I have not been able to raise enough funds to be a part of the boot camp. I have been in talks with the organizers of the boot camp if I can get any support from their end. I shall know for sure in a few days. I will keep everyone posted.

Thank you again for showering your love.

Warm regards,
Utsav Gudhaka
9th July 2017
Dear All,

Thank You soo much for your love and support. I have been truly humbled by the support (financial or non financial) I have recieved over this campaign. This makes me ever more determined to work harder.

The deadline for paying the first part of tuition was on 7th July but I have recieved an extension of 14 days on that.

Your support has kept this campaign alive. Please share this campaign amongst your circles!

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All the best for the program! =D

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Happy Birthday Utsav :) & All the best for your campaign ,

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about 1 year ago

Don't give up, your project is really inspiring!

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Good Luck

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Hi Utsav, Best of luck!!

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