Nilam's New-Born Twins Need Your Help Funding Their Treatment

Nilam's twins were born on 23rd of April , here in Bangalore. Both the babies are under severe respiratory syndrome and are admitted in Cloudnine Hospitals.

I'm Sachin. My wife, Nilam, and I were expecting twins, which means twice the joy. We were prepared for everything. Nilam was taking a break from dentistry. I was going to take paternity leave from my hospitality job. Everything was going like clockwork. When she was at 30 weeks, Nilam's water broke. One of the twins was losing amniotic fluid. I rushed her to Cloudnine in Whitefield at 4:00 AM on 23rd April where she went into labor within a few hours. They moved us to Cloudnine Old Airport Road, where at 9:15 AM, our twin boys were born.

The boys were underweight. Their lungs were not mature yet. They were in respiratory distress needed to be in the NICU on respiratory support. The words were fading. Here we were thinking we were prepared for anything while facing a situation nobody could ever be prepared for. It has been 4 days. Although my heart breaks every time I go visit my baby boys, I'm glad to see a sign of recovery every day.

Nilam was discharged but she has to be in the hospital every day from morning to night so she can feed the babies every 3 hours. This is physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging for her as they cannot come back home with us when we leave the hospital every day. We even named them - Aarush and Sanjeet.

The doctors have told us that treatment and support for both our boys can amount to Rs. 7 Lakhs until they recover and with Rs. 25,000 salary, I cannot afford the cost. Even if we borrow, there is no way we can return it now as we have two new family members to look after who would be needing all we can give for the foreseeable future.

The Hospital and its team of doctors have provided the best possible priority care for this baby. They have generously waived off as much as fee as possible and have applied for discounted service charges too. Please help the family cope with this difficult situation. "

I need your help now, to nurse my newborns back to health, and bring them home. Please extend your support.

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22nd November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Baby Twins. Baby twins are perfectly fine now. They were in the ICU for one month when treatment was started. But after that, there had been no complication and they the treatment went on with just medication.

I cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have shown.

19th May 2017
Dear Supporters,
Here is a quick update on the twins of Nilam.

One of the babies was discharged yesterday and is back home. His condition is stable now. The other baby is still is NICU and is being kept under observation.
He is still having trouble with breathing, especially when being fed through the food tube. He will be discharged only when his condition stabilizes.

The mother keeps traveling back and forth as one baby is in the hospital and the other back at home and both of them require equal attention.
When traveling, both the mother-in-laws take care of the baby at home.

The father is very happy with the progress of his children and has extended his gratitude to all the donors.

Thank you for coming forward to support this.

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Praying for faster recovery.. God bless children..

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God bless and save the kids.

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May God bless and save the child!

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Hope your twins recover soon and i wish you had a happy life together. Be strong and Believe in God.