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Contribute towards "Eradication of Education Inequity"!!
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Why am I fundraising?

Divya Sakalle Katyayani – A teachforindia fellow (2015-2017)

I am a post grad in Human Resource from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. I have 7.5 years of working in the corporate world as a HR professional. I was reading about teach for India and learnt that my values and mindsets really match to the vision of this splendid organization. After joining TFI, I came to know deeper meaning of their vision and just kept falling in love with the work I do every day.

What am I hoping to accomplish with my students?
First thing that I am looking for is that they reach the academic goals. I try to make them achieve their goals by keeping them highly motivated. I make sure that they have a happy and a safe environment. Attendance in my class is always more than 98% and I am working on the rest 2%. I try to give them all the possible exposure that they can get and should get. I think the more they go out of their class, the more they will learn, may it be values or skills. I always integrate all the possible values and mindset and the importance of each of these which they don’t come across and home. We have participated in so many activities, almost all that come across, may it be through the BMC or through TFI. 

Classroom Highlights:
Our class name is “The Adventurers” Oh! The places we will go.... and we try to keep  up to this theme of ours. We have participated in many extra curricular activities and won awards as well:
1) Five students from our class have passed the scholarship exams. Ganesh, Jagdish, Neha, Akash  and Nishant.
2) Essay Writing inter-school Competition – 1st prize and 2nd prize. – Komal and Ganesh.
3) Elocution inter-school Competition – 3rd prize. - Ganesh
4) Craft inter-school Competition – 1st prize. – Abhishek
5) Handwriting  Competition – 1st Prize - Jagdish
6) Participated in singing Competition and also sang songs on Independence Day.
7) WON the 3rd Prize in the  League of Learners competition in Matheletics. – Komal, Jagdish and Prem
8) All the students in our class acted in a play “ The Boy and the Drum” a book provided by Pratham NGO and performed it in front of the whole school as well as participated in the Government competition. Won Award for the best script.
9) 20 kids have been enrolled for Just For Kicks (A Football League Under 14) and I am sure they will come up with bright colors.
10) 5 of us have passed the first level of "National Mathematics Talent Contest."
11) We have also enrolled for various Competitions like MUN (Mock United Nations), Halla Bol (Debate Competition), Dramebaaz (Where they will make their own script and own play to express something that they feel can bring about a change), The Right Pitch (Cricket League) and many more.
12) Last year, we had enrolled for Videos for Knowledge programme, where, we learnt new values like, Grit, Zest, Social Intelligence, etc. We learnt about many famous personalities, like, Nelson Mandela, Margeret Thatcher, Malala, PT Usha, APJ Abdul Kalam, Hillary Clinton, Sania Mirza, and Leander Peas.
13) We have completed our photography workshop and learnt many tricks to use the camera.
14) Learnt how to use the understanding by design pattern in brief and try to use it to achieve our goals.
15) We went to Khula Aasmaan NGO and learnt to make Clay Ganesh Idol and understood the importance of saving the environment by using Clay Ganesh and not POP Idol.
16) We went to Kidzania and learnt about  different professionals and how they perform their jobs.
17) We have also participated in Disney painting competition where we had to draw and paint about our super hero and what we want to become.
18) Last but not the least, we (students) have started teaching in our class and it is increasing our confidence day by day.
We are enthusiasts and love to explore whatever we find interesting. We have passion to achieve and perform one level above what we actually can.

•Our class was at 0.8  grade level (Junior KG level on Avg.) and we have made a growth of 0.7, i.e.; we are now at a grade level 1.5 even before our mid year exams. We reached 2.4 average grade level by the end of our 5th grade.  In the start of our 6th grade we started with 2.6, aim to achieve 3.0 by the mid of the year and 4.0 by the end of the year.

•Our math scores were 17% in the beginning of the year 2015 and by the end of the year we have reached 32%. This year (2016) we have started our scores at 29% but we are sure we will reach 50% by mid year.

•Challenges: - We do not have a Computer lab,  Science lab.

What we need? What do I plan to do with the funds?

  • Big World Map roll + Map of India = 
  • Volunteers needed every weekend for activities.
  • Participation in "The Right Pitch" -  Needs Rs. 6000/team. We wish to register 3 teams.
  • Participation in other competitions like Halla Bol (Debate Contest), Dramebaaz, Mock United Nations (MUN), etc.  - Rs. 2000/ team. We wish to register atleast 3 teams.
  • Participation in workshops/events/visit to museums or any educational tour – Rs. 15,000/- (whole year, includes travel and food)
  • Prints, handouts, comics, story books, children’s magazines, Atlas, Dictionaries, other general knowledge books, stationery, pencils, pens, erasers, compass boxes, chart papers, craft material, drawing papers, colour crayons, colour pencils, sketchpens, water/poster colours, paint brushes, etc. = Rs. 15,000/- minimum.
  • Classroom painting (to make the class more attractive and colorful for our kids = Rs.45,000/- minimum


You can visit our wonderful classroom anytime to know what their potential is. You can contact me on the given details:

99301 21407

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