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Grateful ! More help needed to support 23 kids at Miracle Orphanage

Miracle Manna Children's Home is a loving home to 23 children - orphaned by their natural parents at different ages- and embraced by the large arms and hearts of Shivaji and Prema. The couple began their unplanned journey desiring to welcome one child into their family through adoption. But the need for home for children orphaned by poor parents, some neglected and oppressed, grew systematically over the last 6 years to the strength of today, thanks to the couple's quiet resolve not to say no to a child in distress.

Despite their own economic background being modest. Shivaji had to leave his job as a driver, and Prema as a BPO staffer, to raise children and do all the physical work required to run the home, committed to providing the kids with good education and loving care. They go down to the bare minimum quite often and live with faith and dignity thanks to providential help of benefactors, like the Principal of a city english medium convent school charging a discounted fee of just Rs.5000 per child per year, to a land lord who has given a reasonably roomy home for a rent of Rs.8000/- pm., and other families helping them monetarily and in kind.

Funds required immediately is Rs.1,20,000/- to meet pending Home rent for 5 months, unpaid school fees for a few students , unpaid college fees for the oldest child of the Home, Marina, who is in 1st year BBA, and for food rations for the coming month. This would give immediate relief for the Couple to keep the Orphanage going. 

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10th June 2017
Dear Donors & Well-wishers

Its been a wonderful summer for Miracle Manna kids thanks to all your very special wishes and blessings !

Crescent English school- the new school for kids:
The 22 school going kids  have just started a new academic year into a newly promoted class in a new school ! Crescent English School has better facilities like Library, Science and Computer lab that the earlier school did not have. And importantly too, the children need to just travel for 15 minutes one-way as compared to almost an hour of travel to their earlier school. All the kids were interviewed by the school and found fit to be taken to their promoted class !

Getting Hygiene right:
After Miracle home became current on their Rental payments, they now had the means to complete few critical pieces:  (a) Stocking of Provisions for 1-2 months rather than hand to mouth (b) Starting Milk for kids , so important, but could not be done before (c) CC TV which is mandatory for an Orphanage (d) Mini-bus on which kids go to school needed repairs to fix torn seats, roof leaks  etc.. (d) Prema and Sivaji were doing all the household chores themselves, a taxing proposition even for the loving hearted folks. They now have a support of One help for couple of hours a day (e) A used scooter for Sivaji to do the errands  (f) A small, sweet play area, a first one for kids.

Uncovering Musical talent during summer vacation:
We felt that that summer vacation to be the perfect time to identify the innate musical talent in Miracle kids, something they had a sense of based on day to day behaviours, but never quite had the means or idea to progress. Kids were taken to a near by Music school to identify innate talents in summer. This has led to Six children now regularly learning Music across Guitar and Drums at the Home once a week for 3 hours.

Spends recently made & To be made immediately:
Thanks to bountiful support of over 700 kind hearted Milaap supporters, Miracle Home now has the funds to go ahead with the following spends:
 1) New School Academic consolidated fee for Tuition,Books etc. - Negotiated and discounted by School after verification visit to Miracle home ------------ Rs.2,30,000/-
2) Provisions, Milk, Help : recurrent expenses - 2-month cover:  -------Rs.90000/-
3) Bus repair, CCTV, Second hand scooter, Play area ------ Rs. 90,000/-
4) Rent, Clothes, Music lessons, Fuel & Gas, Internet etc. etc..  -----  Rs. 35000 pm
5) Balance dues settlement at Old school ------ Rs.20000/-
6) Washing Machine 8-10 kgs required to be purchased ------ Rs.30000/-
Total ------- Rs.4,95,000/-
The family of Miracle Manna conveys its heartfelt thanks and conveys its tremendous gratitude for a summer that changed their lives!!

God bless !

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