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Miracle Manna Children's Home is a loving home to 23 children - orphaned by their natural parents at different ages- and embraced by the large arms and hearts of Shivaji and Prema. The couple began their unplanned journey desiring to welcome one child into their family through adoption. But the need for home for children orphaned by poor parents, some neglected and oppressed, grew systematically over the last 7 years to the strength of today, thanks to the couple's quiet resolve not to say no to a child in distress.

Despite their own economic background being modest. Shivaji had to leave his job as a driver, and Prema as a BPO staffer, to raise children and do all the physical work required to run the home, committed to providing the kids with good education and loving care. They go down to the bare minimum quite often and live with faith and dignity thanks to providential help of benefactors, like the Principal of a city english medium convent school charging a discounted fee of just Rs.10000 per child per year, to a land lord who has given a reasonably roomy home for a rent of Rs.8000/- pm., and other families helping them monetarily and in kind.

Thanks to the last One year of  fundraise at Milaap, Miracle home has moved from crisis mode to sustainability on living basics. The parents and kids are ever grateful for your support and for your wishes and encouragement. Miracle Home has made a small video of just over 1 minute that captures the self-expression of kids about their life and dreams, and their gratitude for your support. Kindly watch the video.
For year 2018-19, Miracle children's home requires Rs.18.50 lakhs for day to day running and education of children, and Rs.20 lakhs for re-location of home to a medium-term lease for 7-10 years. Please see all the details of 2017-18 progress and 2018-19 support requirement in the latest update no.13.
Look forward to your continued kindness  thru 2018-19 ! God bless !

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5th May 2018
Delighted to share the news that Miracle Home kids will now go to good schools for academic year 2018-19!

Current school turned out to be really bad - no teaching, classes combined due to space shortage & poor education infrastructure. Many of our kids were well behind their class level in reading, writing, comprehension and math.

Our Aspiration:
Trusting that the cycle of 'better school opportunity, better home support’ will lead to 'higher learning interest and in turn, raised academic/learning  potential', we wanted to find new, good schools.

Our search criterion for schools were Inclusivity in admission of kids from weaker economic background, Supportive teaching to kids weak in academics,  general Value-match and Willingness to reduce Fees for us.

New and Good schools that lowered fees for us:
Sixteen kids from Class 1 to Class 8, will go Sri Aurobindo Public School, CBSE school  in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore ( check out their web site http://www.jdvs.org/school/index.html), which besides meeting  our criterion, have reduced fees to around Rs.29000/- per child all inclusive, of Tuition fees, books and uniforms for academic year.

Three kids in Class 10 and Class 9, have joined Kenneth George English school in State board, at Kempapura, Bangalore. For kids at higher classes, they have reduced fees to about Rs.51000 average per child all inclusive, of tuition, uniforms, books, lab fees and special classes.

The kids went thru some testing which found many kids well behind their class. Both schools have indicated that while they will do their bit, there has to be a matching effort at home.

Matching effort at Home to lift up kids:
We have appointed 2 support tutors from last month. During summer vacation, Kids are building their foundation skills in language and math, and bridge gaps. Later when school starts, the 2 tutors will support and reinforce learning and practice at home.

Other learning interventions to build foundation skills are being made with the help of a senior education therapist - like learning Dolche words and phrases, working memory and observation skills build up which all add to the confidence of the child - who is working for us on a voluntary basis. The good news is that kids are improving, and showing interest in learning!

“ I am Responsible"
After an ice cream treat for new school admissions, shared with kids the big step required to go to a good school. They agreed to stretch themselves to work hard to read, write and learn more than they ever have, so as to raise their academic standard to their class level.

We captured the agreement into a commitment with “I’am responsible” card which they wrote, flashed and agreed to remind themselves!! God willing, and with kids efforts, the kids will overcome!

Education spends for the Academic year 2018-19: 
1.Sri Aurobindo school:
 - Fees for 16 Kids from Class 1 to 8 - (a)  Rs.3,66,400/-      
  Uniforms sets, books & notebooks- (b)   Rs.  99,000/-
2.Kenneth George school:-
All inclusive fees for Two in Grade 10 - (a) Rs.108.200/-                  
All inclusive fees for One in Grade 9 -    (b) Rs. 49700/-
3.Remuneration to Two Tutors at Miracle Home
@ Rs.8000 pm for Full year: -                    Rs.1,92,000/-
4.Seshadripuram College: BBA 2nd year fees for One girl:Rs.40,000
5. Bus running charges for transportation of kids to school for full year                         Rs. 1,10,000
Total Education spend for 2018-19:   Rs.9,65,300/-
We have tried to raise resources locally and have been successful in raising around Rs.5,50,000/-So we have a shortage in Education spend of Rs.4,15,000/-.

Miracle home is looking towards the kindness of Milaap supporters for making good the gap of Rs.4,15,000/- towards fulfilling our higher education aspiration for Miracle kids!

As we complete 18 months of association with Milaap, Miracle kids, Sivaji and Prema join me in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to all Milaap supporters whose generosity has put Miracle home on the path of progress with a courage to fulfil legitimate opportunities for kids once abandoned, but embraced now by Miracle home!

God bless!
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