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Hi People,

As most of you are now familiar, I am working with the Teach For India as a Teacher and am stepping into the second and final year of my fellowship.

I have been fortunate to be given the responsibility of 28 7th graders, who are moving to the 8th now. And I have plans on helping them realise their potential both in academics, and otherwise too.

In the process, realising the importance of writing, we (kids and I) picked our goal to become articulative writers, and have thus named our class as - The SCRIBBLERS.

To give you a basic intro to my classroom - I have a whole big bunch of kids who are great in drawing and art, a bunch of kids who are avid readers, a gang who have written and completed one of their story books already, a pack which is awesome at sports, and kids who are passionate singers and dancers.

I have plans to expose them to a varied list of things, ranging from the wide world of Fiction, the aggressive Olympiads, to the way of healthy living by Organic Farming, along with and apart from academics.

Now, your part is easy - you can sponsor/ donate for the SCRIBBLERS, as much as your wallet lets you do. Whilst my part is a little tougher as I have committed to raising 50k rupees, no matter how long it takes, for I strongly believe the kids' economic strata should not define/ limit the quality education they deserve.

This will help me in procuring the necessary supplies for my kids, and open new avenues, to help them reach out to new horizons.

Please donate as generously as you can, and get to become the SCRIBBLERS' resource of excellent education.

If you are interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to answer your questions about my kids.

Thank you for visiting our page and Thank you in advance for supporting us.



Update - We are now called the WARRIORS.

What you see here is our WARRIORS singing <3 Independence Day special !

To know more about what's happening with us, read the UPDATES tab or check us out on Ambee & the WARRIORS !

Continue supporting us, as we are growing to be in a much better place as WARRIORS.


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14th April 2018
Hi All,

Here is one final update from the WARRIORS and me. We went on this most exciting excursion ever ! It was the most exciting because we got to do things we have never done before.

We got to experience the SNOW ! Right here in Chennai !

It was an enthralling experience for the all of us. 100% of the kids have only heard of the word, but had no idea how or what it was. This day was such a deal breaker, and created a beautiful memory in all our minds and hearts.

It was an mere one hour session in the snow. The kids witnessed the snow at a teeth clattering minus eight degrees celsius. Despite them going speechless, the joy was written all over their face and eyes !

Thank you each and everyone for your contribution that created such an extra ordinary experience for the kids. Thanks again for making this possible.

With loads of love and gratitude,
Ambee & the WARRIOIRS.
25th March 2018
Hi All,

The term with WARRIORS is almost coming to an end. By this fag end of fellowship, WARRIORS will be receiving study materials, and stationary to prep them well for the year end examinations.

Can't believe WARRIORS will be in 9th grade in another 2 months. This immense growth would not have been possible without your support.

Continue to support and love us until we complete Grade 8 in a grand fashion.

With lots of gratitude,
Ambee & the WARRIORS.
23rd February 2018
Dear all,

We had an amazing mid term classes and exams. Its wonderful to see WARRIORS put so much effort and importance to education along with everything else. It is definitely an amazing and undeniable growth in every one of them.

After a striking good performance in the exams, WARRIORS are now gearing up for their Annual Day. This time, we thought we should give the audience a taste of our thoughts and expressions. WARRIORS will be presenting a MIME performance, which is basically drama, but with no dialogues.

Our value of the year being EQUALITY, we are practising mime on the same lines. The major take away will be Religious Equality, with a touch of humor and music through the performance.

We will share pictures very soon :)

Thank you for your continued support and love.

- Ambee & the WARRIORS.
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