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To Identify Diseases Induced Post-Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields
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    Suresh Seshadri Kalkunte
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    Suresh S. Kalkunte

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About me:
An engineer by education, as a communication systems software professional developing systems enabling the Internet ecosystem (edge/access to core/Internet Exchange Points) I became aware of a significant gap in technology/medicine and rule of law when common sources emitting powerful EMF sources cause health distress.

Why pursue this research and what makes me passionate about it:
In my role as a wireless systems engineer, I have developed/certified Wi-Fi end-points (2002-'04) which did not cause perceptible change in health coincident to prolonged exposure to its benign RF emission experienced inside a Faraday Cage (used to shield extraneous signal sources). However, when an adjacent group developed/tested high power outdoor radio transmitters emitting unidirectional EMF to perform point-to-point wireless communication, exposure to the side or main lobes (2007) of the potent EMF coincidentally induced a few temporary health sensations like pin-prick, reduced dexterity and cognitive abilities. Prolonged exposure would cause significant health changes as a blood test at that juncture revealed high levels of white blood cells. Though I did not experience a disease at that juncture (tests by an oncologist after two weeks of the initial blood test revealed that I had not crossed the threshold to commence remedial treatment), the proximity to mortality from EMF has motivated this effort to advance public health and safety.

Whether exposure to potent EMF occurs in an unintentional (wireless telecommunication developer/technician, HAM radio hobbyist, microwave oven tester/repairer, health care worker, microwave welder) or intentional scenario, at present there are no diagnostic/forensic tests to characterize extant of post-exposure harm to ones health. If this void in science (technology and medicine) is not addressed in the form of developing medical diagnostic tests to unravel adverse effects on health which is imminent from exposure to potent EMF, this method of technology misuse accessible to anyone in civil society promotes a form of population control (selective muting/elimination for profit or based on race/religion/ethical/egalitarian orientation) that repeats history which ought not reoccur. I pray we render this opaque area of science transparent.

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How funds would be utilized:
The following expenses related to products and services rendered by vendors is an estimate, a functionally equivalent but less costing alternative is my priority.
  • Purchase of RF testing setup that radiates energy at 830MHz at a power level at or above 1 watt sufficient to create a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of 1.6–8.8 W/kg. The transmitter costs about INR 1.21 Lakhs (e.g. and the antenna costs about INR 1.25 Lakhs (eg. I am exploring a lower costing solution by partnering with academia (eg. NITK, Surathkal).
  • Pay for lab scientist - molecular biology to conduct in vitro tests that exposes RF energy on a bio sample from human model (lymphocytes, blood etc.). TBD.
  • Flow cytometry tests to measure the ion concentrations (eg. Ca2+, Mg2+, ATP and other biomarkers) known to get modulated post-exposure to EMF. Measuring Ca2+ (eg. costs about INR 1000.00.
  • Pay for lab scientist - biochemistry to develop a reagent that elucidates quantitative and diversity of expressed biomarkers to associate a disease state induced by exposure to inordinate magnitude of EMF. TBD.
  • Personal expenses to pursue this initiative. If an institution provides support, this item will be obviated. INR 40K/month.

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