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Donate Rs. 500 - Hazel's Memorial Fundraiser for feeding 1476 dogs
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Is it pawsible for you to spare 3 minutes and read through my story?

My name is Hazel. Before I tell you my story, would you promise me to help me, help my siblings? If 1476 people came together and each person donated Rs. 500 in my memory to the doggo community kitchen, Puppy Bowls, then my family of 1476 furry dogs will be able to sleep on a full stomach every night for a month. 

I was born on the streets on 14th February 2015, golden in colour with tiny white paws, hoomans said I looked like a ball of fur. When I was 8 months old, I was shunned away from the pack, lost, alone, sad I reached a hoomans door. Even though she didn't take me in immediately, but she started giving me food to fill my starving belly. What started as one meal a day became two and three. What started as me sitting and waiting on the wall outside in heat, rain and winter turned into me finding a comfortable bed under her roof. I was left out by my own kind, but I was home for I had found my person. In no time, my sister who was about to deliver her first litter also made her way into my hoomans heart. In a span of weeks, from two sisters we were now a family of 11. We were born on the streets, but we were lucky to have a life as good as our pedigree siblings. We were given the best of the world in our feet, everything we could only dream of, was ours. The best of food, toys, beds, clothes everything our kind has never got, we were gifted in abundance. We were free to come and go, as we pleased, never chained. We were free to stroll, play in the neighbourhood. We were strays but with a human and a home. But as everything comes to an end, so did my time. I crossed the rainbow on 14th March 2020, while I went out at night for a stroll to meet my other friends, I felt sightly sleepy, I chose to take a nap outside another home with them, in this neighbourhood that has been mine ever since I came into this world. Less did I know, not all people are the same. While I took a nap, some car came rushing and drove over me. Without a care in the world, the car just drove over me, not even once did they look back to see. How could anyone do such a thing? Is this the real value of our life? I thought this is it, my life's over. But my pain did not end there. I lost sensation in my hind legs, I wanted to go home, to my hooman, but I could hardly move myself. My friends wept and howled for they knew my time had come, while I just lay there and saw my life in a flashback from the day I came into this world, I was the luckiest to have found someone who loved me more than their own self, who fed me before they ate, who pampered me and stood up for me like no one else did. I knew if my hooman found me, they would turn around the world to save me, but with the sixth sense that I was gifted, I knew it was my time to go, for my purpose was completed. You see, I was sent to find my hooman and to open their hearts to many more like myself. My purpose was to make sure my siblings, my kind could find the same love and care as I did and my purpose was to handover the responsibility of as many dogs as possible to my hooman. With whatever strength was left in me, I dragged myself to another home, I did not have the courage to see my person broken or weeping and hence I chose not to say goodbye. They say, without a goodbye there's always hope for another meeting.

Yes, she's heartbroken and she still looks for me In every corner, every turn. But with my passing away, I made space for a number that's unimaginable, my hooman now cooks for 1476 dogs. All 1476 dogs are fed every single day, nobody goes to bed hungry. God forbid, if anyone ever crosses the rainbow one night, they definitely will not spend their last evening searching through trash cans to get whatever they can to fill up their stomach.
If everyone came together, my siblings could find a meal for the next one month everyday. My hooman is trying really hard to ensure my entire large family is fed, but she cannot do it without your support.

I still believe in there are kind human beings on earth, for I met some amazing souls while I was alive, which is why I only request you to donate Rs. 500 in my name for my what would have been my 6th birthday this year! Your one little donation, can bring a big big change to a street dog's life.
Thank you for being with me through my journey, love - Hazel. 

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