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Support For Providing Food To Stray Animals
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    Ayya sriman Narayana seva Trust
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    Soctety for cruelty to animals

    from Food Park Maneri, Madhya Pradesh





Our culture stands on the foundation of non-violence and philanthropy and moderation. The human religion of India has created its own unique identity by conveying the message of non-violence to the whole world and saving a life for humanity is also considered to be the greatest virtue.


Charity is considered to protect an organism even bigger than earth donation. Even Gods do not get human life. In order to live this life, we should take a pledge to serve human beings and also have a sense of living.


Although everyone lives, but the person who lives for others remembers the world even after he/she dies. Whoever has learned the art of living life is sure to be saved.


In continuation,

You can earn virtue by giving maximum amount of support for Jivdaya on any (auspicious) Mangalik occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, marriages, birth of a son or daughter or on the death date of your elders. In this campaign, earn generous amount of effort and hard work, cooperate and make your (highly regarded, well respected life) Lok Lokantar successful.


Cooperation given by you: Every Saturday and Sunday, the in ayya sri man Narayana seva Trust , a forest area of ​​ Yadadri bhuvanagiri , Telangana leprosy patients in , NIMS orphanages, elderly institutions, gaushalas, blind institutions, pigeon eating, food for dogs and poor deprived helpless children, and for the needy things and silent animal birds, grains, food, etc. will be used for the maintenance of the system.

To feed grass, grain concentrates to the help to Cows at gaushala along with various places, Old Cows and also to the Cows suffering from Mutilations. As Cows don't get credit for much except their economic role as a source of meat and dairy products. As even they also fare better when they are treated well by humans.
To feed food such as roti chapatti to the street dogs, as I feel pitty when someone cruelly thrashes them, street dogs are not aggressive and will only bite if provoked. Indeed, many are fearful of humans and sadly, the dogs' fears are well founded.
To feed grains & water to the Birds, as here in yadadri it’s quite hot and humid. I often see many birds in search of food and water but they don’t get adequate of it.
To feed foods like Vegetables, Millet, Jaggery and grams to Monkeys. Here in yadadri,Telangana there are a lot of Monkeys where they don’t get adequate food.
To provide essential requirements to the Blind and Leprosy people in Hyderabad
To help out poor children with Books stuffs, Clothes along with needy stuffs.
As here in Hyderabad from the month of April to September, it certainly .
To help the deprived children and aged poor people with appropriate food and with needy stuffs.
As we didn't even recover from pandemic, lack of rain in this season over here has hit us, facing issues as inadequate resources and funds, so kindly contribute as much as possible, also Please forward concern link in your circle so even they start contributing for the good cause.


As per the above listed, we don’t find ourselves capable that we all alone can cover up all the expenses. So we need your kind help and support for the above cause so that we can work upon this instantly.

So we nearly need an respective amount of 4 lacs every month to regulate workings. If you great amazing personals provide me the respective support in terms of donation, then we could truly help all the needy, deprived people along with Animals and Birds. I and my fellow workers are aiming and willing to work for 4 to 5 month

As I believe that when a person is in need then any person could support, i.e. human being is useful for human being, but very rare human beings is useful for Animals and Birds.

We hope you great personals will pay attention on this and arrange donation for the listed ones.

Your donations will truly be in safe hands.

Rs.500/- 10 hungry people or animals  can eat food.

Rs.1000/- 20 hungry people or animals can eat food.
Rs.2000/-40 hungry people or animals can eat food.
Rs.4000/-80 hugry people or animals can eat food.
Rs.8000/-160 hugry opeple or animals can eat food

Donate any amount of your choice


God Bless You, God Bless All.

Please give the support amount from the link given below…

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