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Brain Damaged 11-year-old Girl Who Behaves More Like A Baby Needs Help

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Sejal is 11-years-old, but she started walking just 15 days ago.  She hasn’t spoken a word in years, and although she smiles, she herself doesn’t know why. Sejal doesn’t understand what anyone is saying, and has only recently started recognizing her parents. She can’t eat, talk or even go to the bathroom on her own. Sanjana and Krishna have to help her with everything.

Sejal is 11-years-old, but her life is like that of a small baby, who is dependent on others for survival.

She lost her memory 9 years ago

It’s been 9 years since the fateful day that changed everything. On September 6th, 2010 while Krishna was taking Sejal to the hospital in the taxi because of her high fever, she had a seizure. Sejal was taken to the ICU and when she woke up two days later, she didn’t remember anything.

“She didn’t know who we were. That was the most heartbreaking to see. She would just stare at us blankly. We then found out that her brain was damaged and she lost all her memory. She forgot how to walk, talk and eat. She has to relearn everything.” – Krishna, father

Sejal had viral encephalitis, the swelling of the brain caused by a virus. The most serious complication from this condition is brain damage, and unfortunately, little Sejal wasn’t spared.

Sejal, a happy, healthy child before her grave illness

‘Watching her take her first steps after so many years was one of the happiest days for us’

Sejal now has a routine she must follow – she has timings for when to eat, go to the bathroom and even drink water. Krishna and Sanjana’s lives also revolve around this routine. Krishna was working in a private company before Sejal fell sick, but had to quit to take care of her. She was in and out of the hospital frequently.

Now I do odd jobs whenever I can. I can’t have a 9-5 job because I have to be there for my daughter. My wife never leaves the house now, except to take her to the park to make her exercise. She’s been on medication for years. When we saw her walk a few days ago, it was the happiest moment for us. We knew she could do it one day. Even if she takes another 9 years to talk, I won’t give up.” - Krishna

However, after spending nearly 22 lakhs, by borrowing, taking loans and using all his savings, Krishna can no longer afford the medicines she needs every day.

There is hope for Sejal

Sejal has slowly started making progress. Her parents dream of the day she can go to school and start learning and playing like children her age should, but Sejal has a long road of recovery ahead of her. She needs to continue her medication. The medicines cost Rs.15,000 per month, but Krishna hardly earns a few hundreds. 1.8 lakhs for an entire year of treatment is beyond his means.

“I want nothing more than to watch her make her progress every day. Even the little things she does is worthy of a celebration for us. We want to see her grow, we want her to have a normal life.” -Krishna

Your support will help Sejal get better - she can have a chance of a better life.

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