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Let's Join Hands To Bring Back Greenery Of ODISHA
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In the past few centuries, the revolution in the industry, technology, and science has definitely made our life better. But in the process of becoming a developed species, we ignored the very thing on which our very existence depends on.  We took everything around us for granted and without a second thought we started destroying the ecosystem with all our strength and the consequences are bringing nightmares to all the intellectuals, climate experts and all thewho and who are of this world. Thanks to us, while a number of species have already become history; many more are at the verge of extinction.The rapid climate change due to deforestation, the emission has put the ecosystem at such a risk that, within a few years, getting a fresh breath of air may burn a hole in your pocket. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), currently the world is facing a 1°C rise in temperature and if it rises to 1.5 or more, the loss would be irreversible. While most our beloved cities will be submerged due to the rise in sea level as the polar ice caps have started to melt around 20-30% of the current species will face a painful death due to their inability to adapt with the rapid environmental change. There are thousands of articles, statistics and facts are available on the internet that talks about the adverse effect of climate change on the planet, but until it hits you straight in your heart and brain, they are just meaningless. If we don’t address the problem right now and leave everything to nature itself, I am pretty sure nature will find its own way of healing itself, but we might not like the way the Mother Nature will adopt.  My friends, we’re facing the biggest environmental challenge our species has ever seen. No matter what we’re passionate about, and what our ambitions are, everything will be affected by climate change. We all know the solution to the problem. We just have to bring back the greenery and cut the rate of emission. Well, we are not as powerful as the government or the world bodies that we alone can decide about the cut of emission, but planting a tree do not even require 1% of that power.From 2012 The organization R.O.S.I.A (Regional Organization For Social Incumbent and Awareness) is working tirelessly to address the various problems of our society while bringing awareness in the grassroots level.Now they have joined hands with RUSO (Rural And Urban Social Organisation)and going to organize big events like this requires manpower as well as money power This year we have takena very ambitious challenge of planting 1Lakh tress in several districts of Odisha that were affected by the cyclone Fani on May 3, 2019. The aim of this challenge is not to create a record or become a headline in media, but to create awareness among the people that together we can help the mother earth to heal. If we all will continue our effort towards making the planet greener, then perhaps after a few years your kid will be playing football or cricket while breathing the fresh air outside without the help of a breathing mask or an air purifier. The choice is in your hands.  With each little effort, together we can surely make it happen. With a strong belief, we request individuals, government organization, youth clubs and students to join the plantation drive on October 2. We have planned to plant trees across 8 districts In ODISHA and hence had taken permission from DFO of those districts and getting plants for free. we are still in discussion with other Districts DFO once we get approval we will extend our plan to all 30 districts of ODISHA. As we need to do it in as less budget as we can but still, the protection to save trees will be costing Rs 30/- per plant. As we are planning to plant 1lakh trees so budget is going 30 lakhs. Apart from this, we have extra expenditure on our team members stay at various locations andtransportation of trees and boundary materials to locations across districts from the hub. We are expecting a budget of around 33 lakhs. As a small organization, we are not capable of gathering this much big amount. So we need your help to raise funds for this great initiative which will save our future.

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