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Be the HOPE For The Stray And Abandoned
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    Satyakaam Maanav Sewa Samiti
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Rescued Animals and Stray Dogs

    from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh


Satyakam Manav Sewa Samiti is a registered non-profit social organization in Meerut Uttar Pradesh India, that has been working for the cause of stray animals and striving to make this world a better place for them in all ways possible. We are dedicated to the cause of the helping street animals in distress. We rescue injured or abandoned dogs from ill-fated conditions and provide them with essential medical and rehabilitation care that they require. Born out of laxity and forced to live next to busy roads, Indian street dogs are starved, abused and run over on a daily basis. Some of them have become disabled for life and cannot survive the harsh life of streets. Unvaccinated, they die from deadly diseases such as Parvo, Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis and sometimes out of sheer human cruelty. Little puppies suffer miserably and there is nothing worse than witnessing the loss of innocent lives.

Why do we need this fund?
We are currently operating out of our temporary shelter which is located in Meerut, and has no animal shelter facilities nearby. This area is therefore, greatly in need of shelter and treatment facilities. A large number of dogs are still in dire help, but due to the limited capacity of our current shelter, we are forced to restrict the number of dogs we take in. The place is currently overcrowded being very small in size, therefore we want to build a shelter with large enough capacity so that no ailing dog will be turned away. Currently we need a bigger and permanent land where we can rehabilitate more number of animals where they can run freely and with a better permanent facility. This initiative is currently run by Ajay Sharma using a network of volunteers who selflessly give their time, effort and money. We run purely with public funding with no government or corporate aid, hence raising a big amount for purchasing a land without public support is nearly impossible for us.

The proposed shelter is in outskirts of Meerut, which will have spacious, hygienic kennels for 150+ animals and sufficient free-roaming enclosure for them to get enough physical exercise for as long as they live with us. This includes 30 kennels for intensive care cases, 20 kennels for recovery cases, 10 kennels for isolation cases, enclosure for 15 paralyzed dogs under treatment and with space to encourage recovery of muscle strength, 20 enclosures for special needs animals, an ante-room to house the present 20 dogs currently with us. We will be building the basic concrete structures and then the kennels.
There will be four 24×7 attendants to cater to their needs including cleaning their urine and stool, maintaining hygiene and taking care of special medicinal requirements. For the staff we will build a prefabricated portable toilet and bathroom.

We will have a full day Vet with a monthly salary and vet medicine specialists who we have to pay an honorarium per visit. A small clinic will be built for the doctor and this will be equipped with basic facilities.  There will also be a kitchen will be for cooking good quality, fresh dog food.

How would this money be utilized?

This is a detailed list of expenditure:

  • Cost of proposed land: Rs 15,00,000
  • Construction of kennel sheds including enclosure, electrical wiring and concrete flooring: Rs 1,90,000
  • Construction of deep tube well for water supply at shelter: Rs 75,000
  • Cages for 80 dogs of Sterilization cases: Rs 5,50,000
  • Construction of shed for doctor’s chamber: Rs 40,000
  • One refrigerator for medicines storage: Rs 15,000
  • Autoclave for Sterilization of surgical instruments: Rs 65,000
  • 8 Special need dogs in specialized boarding: Rs. 25,000 / USD 350 per month (Rs. 3 lakhs / USD 4100 annual)
  • Medical Care: 45,000/ USD 625 per month (Rs. 5.4 lakhs annual / USD 7,500)
  • Surgical instruments: Rs 26,000
  • Fans, lights & electrical fittings: Rs 70,000
  • Hydrotherapy tank for paralyzed dogs: Rs 48, 000
  • Construction of dog bathing sink for 10 dogs: Rs 15,000
  • Overhead water tank and tower structure for water supply, including plumbing connections: Rs 50,000
  • Dressings, disposable syringes: Rs 20,000
  • Pelletized dog food (80+): 52,000 / USD 704 per month (Rs. 6.2 lakhs / USD 8,448 annual)
  • Animal Fodder: Rs 30,000
  • Two portable toilets and bathroom (for 24x7 staff): Rs 45,000
  • Dog floor mats, beds: Rs 37000

About Satyakam Manav Sewa Samiti

Mr. Ajay Sharma established Uttar Pradesh’s first orphanage home for Children infected by HIV/AIDS in 2009 and founded Satyakam Manav Sewa Samiti (SMSS). He has been passionate about animals and their rights since a child. During working with HIV children he realized that as these children are left alone Animals are injured, sick, old and abandoned they look towards us for love and help and we should outstretch our love and supportive hands to them so they get the love they deserve.

Once, Ajay met an injured puppy roadside seeking for help. While no one came forward to help the poor soul, Ajay took the puppy in his loved arms to nearby doctor clinic. Unfortunately, even after all the sincere efforts to save the pup, he lost him. He realized if he had helped him sooner, he could save a soul. Ajay has been determined to rescue such animals in need and there had been no looking back since.
The current situation of dogs in India is well known. Dogs suffer terrible slow deaths in road accidents, maggot infestations of open wounds and various diseases. Animal welfare services in the current location are not developed enough to care for the sick and wounded and protect those that are healthy. It is the only ray of hope injured, abused and abandoned animals in this area. It is important to have their populations controlled by sterilizations and neutering and routinely vaccinate them against rabies. We are run by the contribution of a handful of generous souls and by exhausting our personal incomes and at the cost of our peace of mind simply because we can't turn a blind eye to distressed animals. Ajay’s initially plan was to establish Shelter Home for dogs in distress A Small World where they can live without any stress.

Then came the large animals old, abandoned, orphaned, blind, lame and paralyzed which were not initially in plan. We were quite unprepared for them, but because of support from society of Animal Lover a number of helping hands came forward and we are able to merge other needy animals with us. So rescued sick, injured, Abandoned and old horses, cows, buffaloes and donkeys became our permanent residents. This initiative is currently run by Ajay Sharma using a network of volunteers who selflessly give their time, effort and money. We are small organization run purely with public funding with no government or corporate aid, hence raising a big amount for purchasing a land without public support is nearly impossible for us.

This is how we are filling the gap between Animals and Humans

Satyakam believes that animals have a right to live cruelty free life full of Freedom and Hope they need to be recognized as a being, same as humans, as a precious part of Universe.

Our long term mission is to create a gentle, nurturing, loving animal shelter home that will be dedicated for promoting health and care of stray, old, abandoned, orphaned, blind, injured, paralyzed and lonely animals. Our aim is to create a happy forever home for each member of family till the end of their lives whether at the shelter home or through our adoption programme.

Satyakam Shelter Home

We have built a Small Shelter home, the only one of its kind for sick, injured and abandoned animals who look towards us for love and help. Animals are special, they have stories to tell about beating the odds, overcoming very traumatic experiences, and finally triumph when they reach the end of their suffering to regain their health with us. It’s time to stop ignoring and help the less fortunate animals who are still unattended in our communities.


We depend on donations to keep the animals in the Satyakam Shelter Home happy and healthy, so that they lack for nothing. Every help and support of your will go into bettering the life of a diseased, lonely and voiceless fellows. The most beautiful moments in life are when we experience the Joy in giving a new lease of life to the helpless animals in need. Your generosity & kindness will go a long way to give these little ones a happy home to live in.

You can support in the following ways:
  • Support in Kind: Grain, vegetables, medicines etc.
  • Support an individual animal.
  • Support a category of animals of your choice – e.g. dogs, horses, cows, birds.
  • Support a day/ week’s/ Months feeding.
  • Contribute towards infrastructure – van/ambulance/building
  • Make a general donation.

We are an 80G registered organization which allows donors to avail of tax exemption as per government rules.
To donate money to Satyakam Manav Sewa Samiti and to inquire about costs of sponsoring particular animals or specific heads of cost, please call / email at the following:

Mobile: 09410814135

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