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Helping People To Avoid Financial Scam
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Hi everyone  
                  I am rajnandan Kumar from Khagaria Bihar. I am a B tech engineer. I have done my BTech from NIT Rourkela.
                   In this covid situation many of us lost job and searching for online earning opportunity / work from home. During this search many of us encounter the scammers / fraudster who are really taking benefit of our helplessness / situation. But only few of us are able to to avoid the scam and many of us get trapped in the trap of the scammers and lose their hard earned money. Some of them are trapped because of their greed, some of them because of lack of knowledge some of them because they really need it and they are not able to differentiate that it is is real or scam.

      I think this is a serious issue which is supposed to be fixed as soon as possible. Recently I was also scammed by a group of scammer who am I I encountered while searching for online earning opportunity. I found them initially suspicious still I got trapped. I want to tell you that story actually it was online trading platform which was, similar like expert option app.
Initial investment this was only hundred and they are giving time to bet which you have to follow. And you can make at least 20% of your investment by following them and you can withdraw that amount to your bank account. In few days they made me believe that this is real and you can earn more and more from this platform. After few days I started investing heavy amount like 20000-30000 and I was earning very good will come sometimes I made 8000  a day, 9000 a day, 10000 a day, like that. In this process they kept  telling everyone that please refer it to your friend so that they can also make money and survive this lockdown and pandemic and i started believing them because I was earning from last 15 to 20 days and then one day came when they made all of us lose all heavily. We lost huge amount because of the trust they gained from us.

So basically what I want to tell you that even if I had information of all those things that this company is not legal they are a scammer Steel nearly 8,000 people lost their money to  company which was a scammer, because of their greed, need and lack of knowledge about Scam.

This was the one of the story of mine which I encounter recently but there are many a story of many people which they have encounter and no one knows except few friends of them. And many people get scammed by the same method by which might one have been scammed scammed. People got scammed while searching for a job. And job search online earning these are the things that people always search for and the scammers get benefit of these searches

In reality, 1000s of crores rupees is looted by scammers every year of of helpless innocent people. Which must be stopped immediately

To stop these things I have came up with an idea that we will make a website where me and my team will share latest and past scam story. By reading these story people will be aware of of various ways of online scam.

One thing might come to your mind about the utilization of fund

Most part of the fund will be utilized as advertising on social media such that our effort of making people aware of various ways of online scams.
But initial round 30000 will be spent on making a website and an office where we will work. As we start getting funds we will start working and we will share the progress of work here.

So if you think that we are doing good work then please please help us.

Cost Break Down:-
1. Website - 30,000/-
2. Promotion - 10000 ( it depends on the publishing )

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