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CoronaVirus Food & Medical Aid to Unprivileged & Daily Labour
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Let Us Get Together for Those Who Need Us!
All We Need Is To Indulge Into A Little Philanthropy!
100% of Your Contribution Will Be Used To Support The Cause!

The Unfolding Story
We all are aware of what we are facing, and it is, without a doubt, a critical situation. And as this spreads further, as the crisis grows, with a major impact on the complete economy, the most affected regions will be the underdeveloped and unorganized areas.

The virus is surely going to turn around the lives of people living in the unorganized sectors. These people are mostly daily wage workers, maids, house helps, construction site workers, plumbers, electricians, workers in small units, delivery boys, etc. Their earnings come to them on a daily basis and one day of loss at work will make a big difference to their income. So, in this situation where the country is facing lock downs and curfews, their financial well being is surely going to be affected.

It is here that we come into the picture to extend our help to these people so that they could cope up with the situation and protect themselves and their families and stand equally in this quest of survival that we all are in!  

The Immediate Requirements

  1. Food
    The daily wage workers with absolutely no backing of any sort to manage their finances in this pandemic situation are the most vulnerable to the negative financial impacts in this pandemic situation. Where there is a dire need for everyone to stock up food and ration in their houses, these people hardly have any resource for that.

    So, it is us, we the blessed class, that The Almighty has granted his graces, who should stand up moving forward a helping hand and take a concrete initiative to support these people for their needs.

  2. Medicine
    Even the good times are stressful for low-income households, and they struggle hard, strain themselves a lot all the time to make ends meet. So, in this pandemic situations, it is necessary that we offer them the necessary medical assistance so that even they could address the basic COVID 19 symptoms.

    Our involvement here will be to build a community in conjunction with the local authorities which would work for educating these people, make them aware of the dos and don’ts, and test them if need be so that they could be brought to the attention of the health authorities in case they are detected with any signs of the infection.

  3. Funds
    Every good thing does need a big investment, and so do we! We are in massive needs of funds to make this initiative successful. At the initial stage, we are aiming and hoping to raise an amount of Rupees 1crore. We know the sum is large and will require a lot of efforts and time. But together, with good support, we are sure that we can make it.

We are looking for volunteers and support from authorities for security. We also seek to get the necessary support from medical institutions for health checks. Furthermore, we need delivery partners to run this campaign successfully.

  1. Use of Funds
    By our current estimates, we foresee the use of funds as follows:
  • 75% towards Free Preparation and Food Distribution (We would start with a 100% usage over this at the initial stage.)
  • 15% towards Medical Supplies (These will include thermometers, masks, gloves, soaps, sanitizers and social distancing devices.)
  • 5% towards Transportation Costs.

The initiative that we have taken is just the first step, and we shall be more than happy to work along and even hand over this initiative to any person or community that has the wherewithal, experience, and scale to take it up, run it end to end and make it successful, while we keep playing the volunteer role.

What we are doing is just a small step, an initiation, a start to a bigger beginning, and with unprecedented support, we can all get through the tough times safely.

What We Are Looking For?
Fulfilling the basic needs, especially that of food and nutrition is the basic element. We are actually looking out to the fulfillment of a meal with at least 2200 calories which is required by the WHO guidelines. So, to support this, we would like to tie up with cloud kitchens which have the geographical reach to source the meals at a reasonable price (considering this is a social venture) using their existing capacities. We also seek a tie-up with private equity and venture funds, who have access to the funding, to use their good offices to provide us access to CSR initiatives of their investee companies and with large corporate houses and public trusts who have been for decades doing yeomen service. Everyone is welcome to participate in this initiative, and we do expect and hope for overwhelming support and response.

The Locations
We intend and plan to be operational in vulnerable areas around and at Agra, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Surat and Malegaon. However, we have the plans to address the initiative at Delhi for which the drill-down is in progress. The major focus is in areas such as:
  • Sultan Puri JJ Colony
  • Nangloi JJ Colony
  • Mangol Puri
  • Slums Near Inderlok
  • Slums Near Dwarka
The Operating Model
We plan to begin with a trial pilot at Delhi initially. For this trial, we shall tie-up with a cloud kitchen that will provide us with the meals prepared and delivered in unmarked vans at central locations in these areas.

Our focus is on identifying reputed NGOs that have the passion and the wherewithal to carry out such initiatives and help us in the distribution of food as well as medicines in these areas up to the last mile.

Also, we shall require help to identify the BPL beneficiaries, and for the same, we shall have the local administration and local municipal authorities roped in with us so that we could identify the right people and cater to them in a meaningful manner.
We are also very conscious of the fact that people will rush in to collect food and medicines. To control the same, we shall be maintaining social distancing rules and other local laws, like Section 144 if that has been imposed.

We further need the necessary permissions from the local administrations to carry out this endeavor and operate within these zones. Furthermore, we shall need the necessary support from the police to help us make the initiative achieve its objective without any impediment.

Any personal connections that you could provide us as regards the above aspects will be really helpful in seeking the perfect combination that will help us steer forward together and help the needy in a concrete manner.

About the Campaign Organizer :
Hi I am Rajesh Arya, a practicing advocate in Delhi High Court, Having a Bachelors Degree in Engineering & Law.
Currently I am providing my probono services in NGOs like Action for Children and  Voice of Voiceless.

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