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The Plight of Orphaned Old-Age People in the Society
The struggle for existence and falling standards in human values has almost killed the family relationships. As a result, the life of orphaned, abandoned and destitute old-age people is a living hell in true sense. There's no love lost between family members. There is no love and no warm relationship exists between kith and kin, and no harmony in families. These days, old-age parents are considered a burdensome by their children. They have no time for parents. These old-age people are left to die their own death.
The menace of abandoning the old-age parents is rampant in financially poor families who cannot feed for themselves. Many aged people have become destitute and are living off the roads without any shelter and food. Most of these orphaned aged people go without food for number of days. Their struggle for existence is heart-rending. Most of them die of hunger pangs. No one to feed them! No one to shelter them! No one to give them clothes to cover their dignity and honor! They are literally living a life of a hell!
 The Birth of NEST HOME – a Sweet Home
It is for these poor orphaned, abandoned old-age people that Priyadarshini Seva Mandali, one of the noble charitable organizations, has created a NEST HOME – a Sweet Home – a Home Away from Home in 2011. The rooms at NEST HOME are spacious and well-ventilated with perfect lighting and electrical systems like ceiling, pedestal fans fitted. Finally, the NEST HOME has an ambience of an extended family for the orphaned-senior-citizen inmates.
It is this NEST HOME that houses more than 100 orphaned old-age people.
 Of which, around 16 old-aged people are admitted by their kith and kin on a meager payment basis. The relatives of these housed age-old people visit them once in a while
The Beginnings of Priyadarshini Seva Mandali
The prestigious NGO, Priyadarshini Seva Mandali has come a long way since its inception in 1991. The noble lady behind this successful Organization is none other than Smt M ARUNA gaaru.
 Smt M Aruna since her childhood inculcated in her a philanthropic culture. She used to help poor children of her age by sharing her food, books or snacks in her childhood days. She grew up in the same vein helping poor and need throughout her growing years. She then felt the need to start an NGO to serve the poor hapless people. Thus was born Priyadarshini Seva Mandali in the year in 1991.
 Priyadarshini Seva Mandali began its noble services. She rescued several hapless tortured women and sheltered and protected them from further sufferings. PSM stood by the hapless women and helped them to stand up on their own legs. PSM taught them tailoring, embroidery, arts & crafts to earn their own livelihood. Today these women are happier lot living on their own incomes. Thanks to Priyadarshini Seva Mandali and Smt M Aruna Garu.
 PSM's Other Noble Activities
PSM has also taken up work among the HIV/AIDS children and HIV infected or affected pregnant women. PSM conducted several awareness programs for HIV pregnant women and motivated them to go for HIV test and treatment if found HIV+ve. She further expanded her charitable activities to orphaned, destitute old age people.
In 2011, PSM has created a NEST HOME for orphaned destitute old-age people giving them nutritious food, medical care, good health and secured quality life. The good health, quality life, quality food, celebration of festivals and cultural programs makes the NEST HOME - a Home away from Home for these neglected, abandoned Old-Age People. Thanks to Smt M Aruna gaaru and PSM.
What NEST HOME Does to the Inmates
NEST HOME, since its inception, has been relentlessly striving to bring sunshine into the lives of these orphaned, destitute old-aged people by providing them the secured shelter, good nutritious food, medical care and attention, good, neat clothes to wear.
Food and Diet For Old-Aged Inmates
  • The life at NEST HOME begins before sunrise around 5:00 or 5:30 AM. All the inmates rise and take a walk in the premises and do some warm-up exercises and yogic breathing exercises to keep them in good health.
  •  Tea, or coffee or milk is served around 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM. Sometimes specially concocted health drinks like ragi malt etc is served to keep them in good health.
  •  Lunch is served for the inmates around 12:30 PM or 1:00 PM. They are served rice, dal, chapathis, curry, sambar, curd or buttermilk. Weekly twice they are served eggs and once in a week, chicken is served.
  •  Again in the evenings, they sit for meditation and do some breathing exercises.
  •  Around supper time at 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM light snacks are served with tea, coffee or milk, or specially concocted health drinks like ragi malt is also served.
  • Dinner is served around 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Again they take a small walk around the premises.
  • Then they go to bed. 
Taking Care of Their Health
  • Medical Checkups: The health of all inmates is monitored at regular intervals.
  • A qualified doctor pays regular periodic visits to monitor their health condition.
  • We have medical equipment like digital BP monitoring and blood sugar monitoring is made available to them.
  • Regular diagnostic checks, tests and medicines are also provided for the needy patients at NEST HOME.
  • The staff and management of NEST HOME ensure that every housed old-aged person perform breathing exercises, warm up exercises, and some meditation to keep themselves in good health.
Recreational Activities at NEST HOME
  • Priyadarshini Seva Mandali also organizes outings for these aged inmates to keep them emotionally happy.
  • NEST HOME conducts recreational activities on festivals and occasions.
  • All the inmates participate in these recreational activities. They decorate the ground with colorful rangolies.
  • They participate in preparing sweets and other cooking activities in the kitchen. 
  •  They play games, sing and dance and tell jokes and make merry all day.
Last Rites of the Departed
  •  Funeral rites are performed for the departed with much respect and reverence in accordance with traditions and customs and in compliance of the law.
  •  If the Departed ones have any relatives or known persons, they are duly informed.
  • Thus, the life at NEST HOME of around 100 plus old-age people is happily living under our Wings of Love. These old-age people are living in an ambience of family environment. They think they have a family of their own. That's how the NEST HOME work wonders for them making every inmate cheerful, happy, and healthy.
  • Thanks to all the donor individuals, corporate and other generous souls. Still we are facing hardships. Sadly, this NEST HOME is being run on rented premises.
 What We Lack...
Despite our best efforts in running our PSM and NEST HOME effectively and efficiently keeping all the housed old-age people happy, healthy and cheerful, we are severely facing several hardships.  
 Firstly, NEST HOME is being run on rented premises. Paying a hefty amount as rent is a big problem for us as we always function with meager resources. PSM survives on voluntary donors and their benevolence, which sometimes never suffices to meet our needs. Add to this, paying hefty amounts as rent is an added burden for us.
NEST HOME Requires a New Building of Its Own
v We have now decided to have our own premises to run our PSM and NEST HOME with the needed infrastructure in place with the right environment to house nearly 120 orphaned old-age people.
v Thus we have decided to go for G+Two Storeyed building to extend our services to more orphaned abandoned hapless old-age people.
v Our new building shall have spacious rooms with proper ventilation and sufficient lighting.
v Our new building shall have dining hall, kitchen, proper electricity, beds, etc with all proper amenities and facilities that provide comfort to inmates.
In view of this, we seek your support and donations in kind and cash so that we can serve more the needy orphaned old-age people at NEST HOME.
Cost of the New Construction Project
  • Our proposed New Building will have a Ground Floor Plus 1st and 2nd floors.
  •  The construction is being taken up in an area of 3,438.31 sft (Each Floor)
  • The total estimated cost of the proposed new building construction comes around to ₹1 crore 55 lakhs @ ₹1500 per sft.
We need encouragement and full support from government agencies, corporates, business magnates, celebrities and individuals.
 People can donate to our new construction project in multiples of ₹1500 per sft.
 Your support in the form of donations will go a long way in achieving our intended future goals.
 Donations either in cash or kind is very crucial for the survival of the noble projects we undertake under Priyadarshini Seva Mandali headed by a noble lady Smt. A. Aruna gaaru.  

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