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Help 8-years old Prince to undergo his treatment
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“ My son just lies in bed because of extreme weakness and suddenly he gets uncontrollable shivers and severe bleeding from gums. With pleading eyes he would look at me and ask me to do something to ease him from the pain. I cover him in blankets and even try to rub his hands and legs and yet the shivers won’t go away. I use cotton to control his gum bleeds, it doesn’t stop and his condition worsens even more. I just pray out of helplessness that he may get better.” - Renudevi, mother

Prince was enjoying his sweet childhood until he started having fevers

Little Prince is the only son to his parents and their lives were complete when Prince came into their life. Like every other kid, he also loves going to school and playing with his friends. Every time his mother asks him about what he wants to become in future, with that innocent smile he would say that he would study hard and get a good job and take care of his parents.

“He would eagerly wait for the school to get over so that he can play ludo with his friends. Sometimes, he would just sit beside me and draw pictures of animals or flowers and show it to me. And when I praise him, he would jump out of joy and would even encourage me to draw something with him. He used to be so active and full of life. -Renudevi
One day, Prince started having high fever and he became really weak and could do nothing but sleep continuously. He was given medication, but the fever didn't subside and it only worsened his condition.

Prince is suffering from a rare blood disease due to which he gets severe gum bleeding

Prince’s parents took him to Mumbai as per local doctor’s advice and it was then he was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a rare blood disease, where the bone marrow is severely damaged because of which the production of new blood cells is shut down. His platelet count drops dangerously and he needs platelet transfusions every now and thenHe is unable to eat food fearing that he would vomit it instantly. He gets severe gum bleeding frequently that scares him terribly.

He needs to undergo immuno suppressive therapy, to help rebuild its supply of bone marrow stem cells.

“He has lost interest in everything that he used to love. He cries all day saying that he just wants to go home and play with his friends. But how can we take him home when he’s not getting better? I don’t want anything else other than my son’s speedy recovery from this fatal condition."-Renudevi

 Father, a poor farmer is away from his family and working hard to provide treatment for his son

Manish Singh is a farmer earning a meager income of Rs 200 per day. He is now away from his family who is in Borivali, Mumbai and working hard in his village trying to meet the expenses of the treatment. He cannot afford to travel as he's saving every penny that he earns for his sons' treatment. He even took a huge loan but it was not enough and now he’s desperately struggling to save his son.

How you can help

Prince is suffering from severe aplastic anaemia, a condition where the bone marrow gets damaged and the production of blood cells in the body is shut down. Since he doesn’t have any suitable donor, he needs to undergo immunosuppressive therapy with supportive antibiotics to recover from this severe condition. Prince’s condition is worsening every passing day and his parents cannot afford the treatment. He needs your kind support for a speedy recovery.

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