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Help House Cherai Tails
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We started January 2017. There was no plan. It happened that when walking to feed and care for our founder Janghri, we passed a mom, Eisha, her litter and her friend Isha. So we began to feed them, carefully heeding the growls and snarls. Cherai Tails evolved because we could look after the dogs, and when one can help one should, surely. So the home for Janghri was rented and soon became a home for others too. friends donated and sponsored, the fence, the food, the cost of the vaccinations, sterilisations and other medication.

It wasn't that we didn't have obstacles the panchayat, local government could not believe we worked for nothing, and this is Gandhi's country, they offered no help when locals objected to us feeding and sterilising litters. So the community remained ignorant to the fact that we were keeping down dog numbers. Although the dogs are quiet, as uncaged, living as part of the family, neighbours objected. And there was the usual jealousy & mockery. 
BUT it began to work our individual dogs grew into healthy, happy, loving animals and began to get good loving homes. there was no choice we could not stop.

Thus we have snowballed, we have injured dogs an litters referred to us and spend a lot of time giving very basic advice to others. Additionally, even the disbelievers witness healthy, friendly dogs developing from what they considered to be valueless dangerous strays.

The hurdles are not simply monetary. In fact we have been well supported by local traders providing credit & donors giving selflessly. So, although we live hand to mouth and I spend hours daily updating news and begging we have managed.
The time on mundane tasks, sourcing the meat for the big meal cooking, pooh clearing, meds and of course the individual attention well it has grown too much for me . As we have become 'known' there is more of everything from responding to enquiries, to advertising, there is no let up on the number of pups we now have 8. 5 big not counting Blue and Melinda  and our outside ladies and babies.
My time is too stretched to care for each adequately. Melinda lost her pups this week she howled and needed attention thankfully she came at night so I sat with her a lot..but it was not good enough. The consequence was of course that i was more tired wit the others too.
So in order to go on i need help. Reliable dependable help.
The cost of getting a property equipped for the dogs etc means we really don't need another 11 month contract and to be told to leave after that again. I am ageing rapidly and have a few medical conditions that will not get there is also no point in buying, even if we had the money.  I have therefore been looking for a lease.  

   a LEASE means that people who donate over 2500 will have their money returned to them at the end of the 3 years.
a LEASE it gives us 3 years of security and will save me begging to cover the monthly rent.

The property i found is on the seafront. A 3 year lease will be 3 lakhs           Rs 300000. It has 2 residences one in the main area with lots of open space for the dogs and a proper enclosed wall.
The other is next door and could house volunteers-the World Veterinary Service  etc. It is being leased as part of the same agreement which will allow for subletting. So should i need to, I could rent the other house and use the money to pay for help.
 On the down side at high tide a few times a year the sea enters BUT i am at this moment surrounded by a garden that is knee high in water.
I have to move by the end of this month..and really see this as a golden opportunity.
the cost of the work needed can be raised as we go..I just need to move there is no space here and the contract is up.

3 lakhs is about    €3800     £3600    US $4300   Aus$6300

We have had a year of miracles and although time is short I know now not to let money say NO before I try.
If you know of anyone could help please share.
Needless to say we have very little time.

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