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Cherai Tails- Blue
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17 July.
Blue, we discovered on the 17th of July. his owner had asked for tranquillisers for her dog who kept barking apparently. He had instead referred her to us.  We did not find an angry or hyper dog but rather the worse case of abuse I have ever witnessed. Blue is fine big dog.He was tied to a pole with thick nylon rope. The rope was so short that poor Blue couldn't turn his head.

I offered to pay for a long lead, feed him daily, pay & get him treatment until he was better and could be adopted she was not happy. Her other dogs had died he survived, he shouldn't be next to a temple, her daughter in law thought the dog would eat her baby (I'm not surprised he was starved). thus I informed her that this was a criminal offence..and i was not asking her.

Blue literally cried and howled with joy he was friendly and delighted..and was even given a bowl of water by his 'owner'. We bought the long leads new collar and worm tablet back with food. he may not have been familiar with dried food but was so overcome with being fed that he didn't stop to breathe.
The plan is to feed him get him strong, sterilisation will be an issue as too big for me to have recouping but time will tell.

There are two issues really firstly I should not be taking on the dog as we are seriously overstretched especially after taking in the 4 Bubbles. (4 one month old female pups) I am feeding over 20 with one meal a day plus dried food. Our 8 pups indoors get 3-4 meals daily. On a good day the meat/fish costs no more then 500. What this means is I am demanding and begging more from the generous who fund our tails.

Additionally, I focus on feeding moms and litters, Blue is an adult and really a domestic medical rescue case. When Anandhu was here. due to him being able to communicate and visit we got Ruby settled into the home she had wandered into. This, apart from food, has cost well over Rs 3000 for vaccinations, sterilisation etc.If we continue to stretch our remit we will put all our dogs in jeopardy as we are already unsustainable.

It is not just the funds but the time, my days are never long enough , i do get support but it is random and still requires supervision. Sourcing and cooking food, feeding, medicating, walking and really my time is currently spread too thinly to meet the individual attention each dog deserves and needs to develop socially & healthily.

Blue however cannot be palmed off, there is noone here to pass him on to. I propose to record his progress, while i feed and get him medical help. I will keep his medical and travel expenses apart from the others. The food will come in the general budget. It is really important that his pain is used to prevent similar as much as possible. so although we have never before taken distressing photos as ''evidence' and emotional black mail  for support, this will be the exception. I will keep an online progress report with pics so that his progress is recorded and anyone who wishes can follow it on google docs. When he is better and has been moved we shall use the same to shame and inform the local community. if such abuse becomes widely condemned the negative  social stigma attached would dissuade others from behaving similarly. I may get the owner charged with abuse too. we shall see.  I do not want to use Blue to 'big up' Cherai tails or our work, there are enough 'animal activists' in that game. But, we have to make his plight a deterrent.

This fund will then be used for the daily delivery costs of feeding him and for his medication , transportation and re-homing.

i will then pay for information on the constitutional & criminal laws applicable while appealing to the 'nationalism' trend informing locals of the constitutional obligations of proud Indian citizens.
It can take 5 days for the monies to reach my bank when I request a withdrawal 7 working days with non rupee donations so in many cases withdrawals will be followed retrospectively with expenditure accounts. Monies donated privately will  be included in the accounts.

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