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Ola Driver Was Forced To Quit His Job To Care For His Dying Wife
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"My wife is 26 years old but she's only 25 kgs now. Cancer has reduced my wife to bones, and even drinking a sip of water is painful."

In the two years that Nisha and I have known each other, we’ve had to overcome many hurdles. Both of us worked very hard to provide for our families. At some point, we realized that it was time to start building a life for ourselves. We decided to get married, without the approval of my family. It was meant to be the start of a new life for us, but four months after our wedding, Nisha was diagnosed with throat cancer. By the time we found out, the tumour was already blocking her wind and food pipe.

The first thing Nisha said when she found out it was cancer is that she would rather die than suffer through this. The pain had already become unbearable for her, even swallowing water had become difficult. From January to March, we went to four hospitals and they all said cancer has progressed a lot and only surgery would save her, but it would leave her bedridden for life. But I couldn’t accept it, I kept enquiring about other hospitals and doctors and finally found hope in Apollo. The doctor said that she can be cured with radiation and chemotherapy. I was relieved, but I also knew that the treatment was much more than what we can afford.

The frustration of not being able to express herself makes her extremely sad. She cries a lot now. Sometimes out of pain, and sometimes at the thought of never recovering. The Nisha I fell in love would listen to songs all day and sing along, but now even that doesn’t make her happy. Cancer has stolen all her independence from her. She was working as a cashier in a supermarket. That’s where I met her for the first time, in fact. She was happy, strong and didn’t depend on anyone. Now her life depends on the tubes that help her breathe and eat. If only it could help make her smile sometimes. I miss her smile.

I haven’t been able to go for a work for over a month. Every 3 hours, her tracheostomy pipe needs to be cleaned otherwise she struggles to breathe. I have to take her for radiation every day. She needs me and there’s no way for me to take care of her and work a full-time job.

 My family hasn’t come to visit her even once. Ever since we got married against their wishes, they’ve cut all ties with us. So, we don’t have much help. I just returned the car that I had taken on a lease as an Ola driver. I have no income now. Even the loans I’ve taken are almost over. We thought there was no way out of this, now that there is, I have no way to save her.

How You Can Help

Nisha is making progress every day. The tumour that was blocking her throat is now decreasing in size, and with chemotherapy, she can be completely cured. She needs radiation and chemotherapy for another two and a half months, but Uday has nothing left to save her. He’s single-handedly trying to continue her treatment on zero income and several loans, but it’s not enough. Nisha needs your help to survive cancer.

Your support will save Nisha's life.

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