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Baby Girl With Rare Disease Needs Urgent Liver Transplant To Live
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Mythili went into a coma when she was barely a month old because of a rare, genetic disease. She was kept in intensive care for 40 days and I have spent my days and nights in the waiting room, praying that she would wake up. But even when she did, the doctors told us that her fight wasn't over. Now, she can only survive this disease with a liver transplant, but I can't afford it. I have already lost my first baby to the same disease when she was just a few days old and now I risk losing my second child too.” - Mamatha, mother.

After losing her first baby to the same disease, Mamatha is now struggling to save her only child

Two years back, Mamatha lost her first baby when she was just 13-days-old. They didn’t know what was happening to her and even before it could be diagnosed, it was too late. Mamatha and Narsing were devastated. It took them years to come to terms with their loss. However, they found hope again. The couple was overjoyed when they were blessed with a baby girl again. The baby was born hale and hearty. But a few days after her birth, little Mythili’s health started deteriorating. She started having uncontrollable seizures 4 -5 times a day. 

“One day, she just stopped breathing. We were terrified, and rushed her to the hospital. I will never forget the day our baby was diagnosed with the deadly disease."- Mamatha, mother.

Mythili is suffering from a rare genetic disease that will worsen her condition without an urgent liver transplant

Mythili is suffering from maple syrup urine disorder due to which the body can’t break down the amino acids (protein blocks) in the body. These amino acids if accumulated can cause life-threatening conditions. Mythili has to follow a certain diet to control the protein level in her body. Only a liver transplant can save this little one from this rare genetic disease. Mythili’s mother is a suitable donor for the transplant. Little Mythili will not survive even if there is a slight delay in the surgery.

“ I got scared when my daughter started having red spots all over body. I have tried every possible way to ease my daughter’s suffering. I have one more chance to save my daughter but with no money left, I’m afraid I will lose her as well.” - Mamatha, mother.

Even the money that Narsing borrowed is not enough for his daughter's treatment

Narsing works in a bookbinding shop to look after his family. He's struggling hard to meet the daily expenses of his daughter’s treatment. He has even borrowed 2 lakhs from friends and relatives to continue her treatment. But now providing a life-saving surgery of 18 lakhs with the little income he earns is next to impossible for him.

How you can help

Little Mythili has been struggling to live since she was born. Her mother, Mamatha, feels helpless for she cannot provide her daughter with a liver transplant that can save her life. After exhausting all the money they borrowed, Mamatha and Narsing need help to save their only daughter's life.

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