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Dear Donor,
We from eSWAR "muSIKSHA" would like to reward every Donor with Free eSWAR Android Apps.

Sponsor any number of children at $10 Per Child for a Year. Musiksha is a 4 year music curricullum and at just $ 40 a child in the primary section can get introduced to music for their betterment.

We expect to reach 300 Children Per School for a four year music curriculum which would cost  $12000 for four years.

What we offer to DONORs >>
$10 Donors are entitled to receive Tanjore Tanpura LIVE and Meditation App FREE worth Rs.748 (Android Apps)

$40 and more Donors are entitled to receive two FREE licenses each of Tanjore Tanpura LIVE, Miraj Tanpura LIVE, Surpetti LIVE and Meditation.

Our vision is to reach out to over 100 schools to educate over 30000 children in a period of 4 years.

The objective of muSIKSHA is to Democratize Music. (Music as a curriculum for primary school kids starting class 2 till 5 )

Music comes naturally and we from "muSIKSHA" believe that every child is born to sing and express.

But the same is not triggered in most children at the most crucial point in their lives . Especially in one's childhood, he or she can easily cultivate a music habit. Everyone can sing if given the right amount of push along with an atmosphere to learn and sing. Every child is naturally expressive.

Parents and Teachers should nurture the child to express their innate talents through physical and mental learning activities.

Music as a language is structural, mathematical and architectural and is taught as an art and through intervention of technology, musical learning can also be taught as a science. Such a democratic approach removes all cultural barriers and can provide opportunities for all children to aspire learning music. Music is represented by 7 alphabets (sa re ga ma pa da ni ) and expressed through sound frequencies.

The sound frequencies form the base for multiple creative expressions of music. As a child begins to experience music early in their years, such a physical learning activity strengthens the right-brain functionalities of a child's ability to think creatively, practice discipline, build peer relationships, express oneself confidently and grow one's self-esteem.

How well a child is nurtured to express enhances the creative energy flow, number crunching abilities, brings harmony to mind-body relationship and eventually the child starts to internalize the sound frequencies and begins to appreciate the joy of musical expressions. Learning Music also helps the child to reflect upon their thoughts and behaviors mindfully thus minimizing the compulsive need for instant gratifications.

Our approach to musical learning is to represent aural music lessons visually to aid the music teacher and to connect the learner through a digital learning platform for sustaining longer attention spans. Digital enablement moves musical learning from academic practice methods to technology powered teacher-led learning methods.

Musical learning cognitively enhances multi-tasking abilities ( pitch / beats / lessons ) and thinking constructively and sequenced breathing enhances lung power of the child and boosts the immune system. Children with special needs are naturally inclined to sounds and music and motivating them to express their creativity through music empowers the child's self-esteem. Music learning contributes to a child's skill development in their early years :
* Singing improves speech and communication skills
* Rhythm improves motor skills
* Listening improves the ability to focus & learning
* Memorizing Lyrics allows the child especially special child to constructively apply their innate memory capacities in "Singing to Perfection" with a sense of pride and achievement.

Overcoming their communication barriers, children with special needs can adopt music to communicate and express their feelings.

There are research studies that proves the power of music to heal depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, insomnia , ASD and other neurocognitive conditions.

The purpose of reaching out to schools is to bridge the teacher-learner proximity gap, Enable online presence and guidance through a mentor, to introduce music practice tools that supports the teachers teaching methods and through an evaluation process offer every child an opportunity to learn & practice music at affordable price.

Founder & Music Enthusiast


muSIKSHA - The Germination >>

We take pride in introducing muSIKSHA as a technology tool for music teachers, learners, and amateurs.

My journey in celebrating the joy of music started at the age of 8 I grew up in my early years with both my maternal and paternal grand parents. My father was working for railways and hence, I was privileged to experience different cultures across India.

Music was part of my family ambience. Naturally, I was inclined to music listening and singing.

My ability to sing well gained me stage and winning opportunities through school and intercollegiate competitions and led to live stage performances and voiceovers.

After a long stint in corporate career as a marketing professional, I started my brand consulting company. And my musical lineage opened up an entrepreneurial opportunity to engineer the musical instrument - Tanpura & Surpetti to aid music performers. Thus, the brand eSWAR was born.

With the advancement of technology, eSWAR moved into a Mobile App, now available in Google Playstore.

Currently, eSWAR offers Mobile Applications for Tanpura, Surpetti and Meditation.

The uniqueness of eSWAR is, the source sounds were carefully recorded to produce the perfect pitch of the real musical instrument there by removing human errors.

To promote eSWAR and its products, I reached out meeting musicians, music teachers and aspiring music learners. My collective experience gave me deeper insights about music and the culture behind it.

One key learning was music is more seen and learnt as an art and not as a language. My dream to teach music as a language paved the path to create ‘muSIKSHA’ which evolved through my personal experience of celebrating music since my young days.

In my journey as a music enthusiast, I have personally met close to 3500 musicians and music teachers across 70 cities in India in four years and have done interviews in music colleges and interacted with aspiring music learners, and these opportunities gave me immense learnings and also convinced me that as a culture, we are emotionally connected to music and we are yet to understand music as a language of mathematics and physics.

My efforts to represent music as a language motivated me to understand the fundamentals of music from a physics professor of IIT who decimated the frequency logic and the values of probability and numbers that governed music.

Through such a deep learning about music, I was able to clearly define the need gap in the space of music & learning.

While music as an art is expressed through 7 frequencies represented by 7 alphabets, I also realized that music as a form was more aurally oriented and lacked visual representation.

The need to visually represent music, enabled me to adopt technological solutions to support the learning child visually and aurally and it was imperative to communicate the theory of music in a simple form for a child to internalize and believe that it can also celebrate learning music as a language beyond art. Such an approach gives the learning child confidence to express musically.

The current medium of music teaching fraternity is individually governed by music teachers adopting their own methods and every music guru taught music through their own school of thought and a common approach to music learning continues to remain as a huge gap.

Such a gap can best be addressed by democratization of music which enables equal opportunity to music learners of all age groups. By democratization of music, we mean integrating the real world and the digital world to learn, practice and teach music as a language than as an art.

I believe, every child can sing, provided schools adopts to introduce music learning as an integral part of their curriculum.

My mission is in creating a digital platform that provides a structured music curriculum and works as a catalyst between the music teacher, the parent, and the music ignorant child.

The digital platform support music learners to become a qualified listener and through experiential listening, the music learner builds inert strength to perform.

Currently, out of 1000 children, not more than 30 to 40 children pick up music as an extracurricular activity in schools and most of aspiring music learners take up their lessons from private music schools / private music teachers in close proximity from their homes. Such music learners eventually become popular and noticeable in the school circuit and tend to perform in various occasions.

Our approach is to introduce music as a curriculum with the use of technology at the primary school level for children starting from the age of 6 to 10. With technology, my mission is to reach out to all school children and to groom at the least 300 children per school growing up to become as music performers.

By that means we can spread the canvas across sections of population where it's found many can't afford to send their children to music classes due to huge costs and also having the trouble of fetching the child to classes and back . With muSIKSHA priced at affordable levels would definitely interest the parental fraternity.

MKC | Founder & Music Enthusiast

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