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Scarlet Wings - Fundraiser Campaign
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    RutuChakra Vellore
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    menstruators who do not have access to resources

    from Vellore, Tamil Nadu


An estimated 1.8 billion girls, women, intersex, transgender and non-binary persons menstruate, yet millions of menstruators across the world cannot manage their monthly cycle in a dignified, healthy way. Even in the best of times, gender inequality, discriminatory social norms, cultural taboos, poverty and lack of basic services often cause menstrual health and hygiene needs to go unmet. In emergencies like the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, these deprivations can be exacerbated.The pandemic has serious secondary impacts on menstruator’s ability to manage their menstruation and their health. The most affected are the poorest and most vulnerable to economic and social shocks, who are unable to make both ends meet. 

We at RutuChakra Vellore, are a Youth-Led Organization working to achieve menstrual equity and dignity amongst menstruators of all ages and backgrounds. Our mission is to empower menstruators through action, awareness and advocacy by providing menstrual products to individuals in need, increasing access to education, and promoting an open and inclusive conversation.

We look forward to doing our bit and hoping you all to donate and join our cause to raise funds with the aim to extend our support by providing menstrual products to areas/ individuals in need, increasing access to education, and promoting an open conversation amongst all genders. We shall be targeting organizations and communities across India, in areas of need and the ones who are affected by the economic crunch as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. Menstrual products are still considered as a luxury rather than an essential in India and thus, are not provided free of cost to most menstruators in need as a part of COVID relief plan, as a result they are compelled to use rugs, sacks, grass and even mud in worst of cases. Most of them do not have the adequate knowledge to maintain their menstrual cycle in a hygienic, dignified manner and we wish to change that


By means of our Scarlet Wings campaign, we wish to provide the organizations and individuals who are not able to keep up for a hygienic and sanitary living condition, with an adequate supply of reusable cloth pads, along with it, have a one-on-one session explaining how to use reusable cloth pads distributed to them.In addition to that, conduct workshops and webinars to spread awareness about the need for personal and menstrual hygiene and healthy reproductive health. Through the regular follow up sessions, we will initiate the process of changing mindsets by continuously reinforcing that menstruation is beautiful and empowering. 

We urge all menstruators as well as non-menstruators to recognize their role in the menstrual movement and the power they withhold to make a change via our Scarlet Wings campaign, giving wings to thousands of menstruators, by extending their support and generous donations.

100% of the proceedings will go towards supporting menstruators and spreading awareness. 
Small, proactive initiatives taken towards fulfilling a social cause often help us reach out to a lot of people who require help. As part of our campaign, we hope to provide menstrual products to menstruators who do not have access to these amenities. Contributing even a small amount towards helping menstruators from under-privileged sects of the society is one of the many steps that will help aid our goal to progressively reach menstrual equity. All proceedings will be utilized for the same. Let us make an impactful change. Together. 

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