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A Bike Accident Has Left This 16-Year-Old Girl Fight For Every Breath

She’s been living on liquids every day for the past one month. She can’t talk, breathe or eat on her own anymore. I call out to her and say “Chinni, I’m here for you. Don’t worry anymore, I’m here.” But all she can do is look at me and cry. On some days she gets so frustrated with the pipes in her nose, throat and pelvis that she tries to scream. Sadly, my daughter can’t even do that.

Mamatha (16) spends her days in the ICU terrified and alone. On most days she stares into oblivion, unable to understand what is happening to her. When he parents call out to her, Mamatha can’t even respond. Her large intestine has stopped working, her legs are fractured, her pelvis and lower back, wounded. Mamatha is awake, but her life is slowly slipping away from her. Veeraiah and Rekha’s tears are uncontrollable every time they see her, wondering how they'll save their only child.

The day Mamatha's life changed forever 

At 10 am on May 10, Veeraiah received a phone call that he’ll never forget. His daughter had met with an accident. Rekha and he rushed to the hospital, only to realize that the accident was far more serious than they thought – their only daughter was fighting death and would need multiple surgeries to recover from the traumatic incident.

It was around 9 am. She set out on her bike to drop her cousin to her hostel when a lorry hit her bike from behind. Mamatha fell on her right side and the wheel of the lorry pushed her body forward. Mamatha always wore a helmet when she was riding pillion. That’s the only reason she hasn’t suffered a brain injury and she’s alive. The last thing she said to us is that she’ll be back home soon, I wonder if I’ll take her home again.

Rekha immediately underwent surgery for her ankles and the wound near her pelvis area, but now her large intestine has failed. She can’t eat any food on her own, and it’ll be a long time before she can even move again without treatment.

Just when they thought Mamatha was improving, her organs started to fail

“She was discharged after the surgery and was in the ward for 2 days. She was conscious, and we thought she was recovering. Little did we know that it was only going to get worse from there. Her large intestine stopped working, her stomach swelled up and her BP dropped extremely low. Ever since then, she has been in the ICU on ventilator support, surviving with the help of multiple tubes in her body. She's dependent on someone else for even her basic needs.”

Her father owns a small shop but is struggling to continue treatment – she needs multiple surgeries to recover

Mamatha’s medical bills are piling with each passing day. Every three days she needs dressings in the operation theatre, and she needs multiple surgeries to survive, but Veeraiah is falling short despite the hospital supporting them by reducing costs. Veeraiah owns a small medical shop in Bangalore and can't afford the 20 lakhs needed to save his daughter. He has somehow managed to pay for the bills so far by getting help from family, but it's not enough.

How You Can Help

Mamatha needs to stay in the hospital for longer to start recovering from the tragic accident that has left her severely wounded and broken physically and emotionally. Once her wounds heal, she will need skin grafting surgeries and continued dressings till she gets better. Her parents’ dire lack of funds is a hurdle they’re struggling to overcome. Mamatha will only survive with strict medical care and attention, but Veeraiah and Rekha can’t save their only daughter on their own anymore, they need your help.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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10th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous love and support. This means a lot to us.

Unfortunately, with inexplicable grief, we are having to inform you all that Mamatha passed away.

While she was being treated, she experienced multiple events that deteriorated her health. She had intermittent episodes of hypotension due to volume loss from extensive wounds, blood loss during surgical procedures and she was treated for all of this immediately.

However, her general condition and response to the critical care started deteriorating. Her blood pressure was depending more on the inotropes and bowels stopped functioning. Her hypotension was then progressive and thereby, she stopped responding to the treatment. Even after providing her the best possible medical care, she had a cardiac arrest post which we lost her.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive.

Dr. Madhusudan

8th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the support which you have shown to Mamatha. Her blood pressure is getting down because of bloodlose. Nutrition is not adequate for skin grafting as if now. But wound condition is getting improved but it will take much time and several dressings to be ready for grafting.

Please continue to support her by sharing the link.
Thank you
22nd June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support you have shown towards Mamatha.

Here is an update on her health condition.

Currently, she is in the ICU and is on ventilator support. Doctors are monitoring her health closely as there are multiple complications which needs urgent attention.

Doctors are doing the work up for the first plastic surgery which will probably happen next week. The whole procedure lasts for 25-30 days, they can proceed for the next surgery once it is done. 

She has shown signs of improvement as ventilator support is removed for a few hours in a day so that she can breathe on her own.

Thank you so much for the love and support. Will keep you posted as her health progresses.


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