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Let's save the child trapped in the Borewell.
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 Hello everyone, I Am Mahesh Ahir From Rajula, a small town in Gujarat. And I'm a farmer. Together I am an inventor and I continue to invent new innovation. Today I am going to share some things with you, please you will read till the end.
      India is an agricultural country. And the farmer of our country puts the base on the well and the borewell for water. But for the past several years the water in Borwell and Well is decreasing. Due to which many borewell farmers are lying open.

     You all must know that there have been incidents of small child falling in the open borewell several times. And such an accident still continues to grow. Most of the local public, NDRF team and occasionally the military team also runs the rescue in the accident of the Borwell Accident. And this rescue operation runs for 15 to 30 hours. Still, the child trapped in borewell could not get out of the right way. And the incident that happened in the past, such as the child who had fouled in Borwell in Punjab on June 8, 2019 To save that child, 5 days and five night rescue operations were carried out, but still the child could not save the good life.

There is a question in our mind that why can not we take out a small child right out in such an accident?
             So my answer is, that there are big engineering colleges in our country, big IIT and many private engineering institutions. But till now we had no such technique that we could do a proper rescue for a small child stranded in bore well. And for this reason, the future of our country, which is in the form of a small child, would have broken itself in a borewell. but not now.
 It is said that the necessity is the mother of invention. So I have innovated a robot to save the child from the accident. I gave this robot the name of the dream name. This robot has some features in this way.@This Robot can rescue the stranded boy in Borwell between 20 to 25 minutes.
@The child has the ease of doing the rescue, so the inbuilt oxygen facility is provided in the robot. So that the child is easy to breathe. And full HD camera with LED light. In which case the child is trapped in borewell, that information can be found on the screen outside. And the child can easily rescue the child in the situation where he is trapped.
@This robot wireless works and can connect with any smartphone. Due to this, only a smartphone can control this robot.
This robot will be able to rescue a stranded child in 20 to 25 minutes in the borewell. And if the child is trapped in the borewell, then we can bring the child to the rescue with the help of this robot in this situation. It is easy for the child to be rescued, so it is given to the iron hands in the robot, which works just like the hands of a human. And with the help of rope loop, it has been given so that if the child's arm or leg is above it, then we can do the rescue of the loop by putting it in the hand or per of the child.
Our Generation is Science and Technology Generation. And in our time, the innocent child of the country is dying in an accident like the Borewell accident, it is sad for us.
But no longer Because I have dedicated my invitation to the country through the Prime Minister's Office. And in the future, by making such robots, the country will reach the corner. I hope you all will support me in this noble cause.
   From all of your help and this robot made of my hard work . If a child is also able to get the right out of the borewell. Then our life will be successful.

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I am create 2 Saptrshi borewell rescue robot with your donation and donate indias 5 different state.
One robot  =  Rs,500000.
Five robot  = Rs, 1000000.
 Total = Rs 1000000.
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