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Show Your Support To This 26 Year Old Unmarried Pregnant Girl
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Hello! I am M Chaudhary.
An Indian unmarried pregnant 26-year-old girl. This one day I found out that I was pregnant and this was just after I had moved to a newly rented flat with my sister. I was not sure if I was going to keep the baby. There was this conscious thought at the back of my mind that I want it to live. I knew if I were to stick to this decision I would have to be really strong, mentally as well as physically. I talked to my former lover about the pregnancy and he was clear he isn't prepared to be a father and we should part our ways if I was to keep the baby. Luckily I had my younger sister by my side who has been there for me from day one throughout this journey and supports me and my decision to keep the child. 

I am currently in my 26th week(5 months 3 weeks), in other words, I am almost close to touching my 7 months. For the last 6 months, I haven't had much support from anyone. I worked till my 3rd month so I could make some money for the baby, for my younger sister and myself and then the lockdown happened. To be true this pandemic(COVID-19)cost me my job and I can’t tell my family and take money from them as where I come from is a rural family and we in India have a history of aborting a child if unmarried. So whatever assets I had, I sold almost everything, be it my gold jewelry. There were times when I needed genuine help like consulting a Physio but I thought that I could bear the pain and save that money and use it to buy groceries. There were times when my gums started to bleed and hurt but I resorted to google for help, reminding myself to not waste money unnecessarily. There were many similar occasions where I chose to stay in pain just so I could save money. 

I was raised in a society that would not accept me with my unborn child. I believe there are many of you who are reading this and counting on me to be strong but excessive tension may cause me to stress which can lead to miscarriage so I would rather fight my battle in secret than take societal pressure and risk my child’s life. 

After June I am completely going to run out of funds and I won’t have money to even feed myself, the baby in me, and my younger sister. I haven't paid my rent for the last 2 months. Every passing day brings more challenges. I am trying different ways of making money, doing freelance jobs from home, and working on trying to bring startup ideas to life just like this blog of mine, but being pregnant makes things difficult, physical challenges keep me from being my best. I am due in September and I don’t even have money for my delivery. This baby is not an idea anymore, it's living inside of me and soon it’s going to come out in this world and for that, I need your help. Only you people can save my little family. Even the tiniest contributions would go a long way and would help. 

This is the breakdown of the expenses that I am trying to manage by myself but struggling due to missing out on job opportunities in this pandemic. 
These are from July till December. 
House rent- 20k 
Electricity bill- 1500 
Furniture from Furlenco- 3k ( it only includes bed, cupboard, fridge, and washing machine) 
Groceries - 20k ( I eat a lot because of pregnancy) 
My medicines and tests- 5k 

Delivery charges- 1 lakh ( includes all the hospital bills) 
Newborn necessity stuff- 27k ( nappies, milk bottle, blanket, medicines, supplements, vaccination, etc.) 
Last 2-month pending rent- 40k
I will upload all the invoices on my blog so you make sure your donations were received and used for me and my baby solely. 
I promise to reveal my identity once we are ready and strong enough to fight societal pressure. Till then I will keep you updated with me and my baby’s progress on our blog and I hope you understand every superhero needs to keep its identity secret.

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