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Help disabled father save his 4-year-old from heart disease
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"When she falls down while playing, she gets violent seizures and her eyes would roll up. She cries continuously and then falls short of breath. If her mother were alive, this wouldn't have happened. She passed away 2 years back. My children are my world, now my daughter's life is in danger but I'm not able to do anything about it. I have never felt low about my disability, but now I feel I'm defeated." - Venkatesan, Father of 5-year-old Lakshmi Priya.

5-year-old Lakshmi Priya's heart can stop any moment without an urgent surgery

Little Lakshmi Priya was born healthy and was okay until she turned one. Later, she got frequent seizures and cold. The medicines she was taking gave her a temporary relief. Her father thought it is because of her low weight and poor immunity. He was hopeful that she will be fine as she grows up. But he was shocked to know that his little daughter suffers from a heart disease. She is diagnosed with Pulmonary Artery Stenosis, a narrowing that occurs in the pulmonary artery. This narrowing makes it difficult for blood to reach the lungs to pick oxygen, without enough oxygen the heart and body cannot function as they should.

"When the doctors told me that she has a heart disease, I was shocked. When they explained it in detail, I broke into tears. She has just started going to school, but most of the days I don't send her fearing that something might happen to her. Doctors told that she should be kept away from cold and she should be at least 10 kilos to undergo a surgery. I gave her good food, I sometimes force her to eat, she cries continuously. Now she is 10 kilos and ready for the surgery but I don't have the money for it." - Venkatesan.

Even before he could come out of the shock of his wife's unexpected death, he had to face another painful ordeal in his life

Venkatesan was living a happy and modest life with his wife and two daughters Lakshmi Priya (5) and Kavi Priya (4). He was working as a painter and manged to feed his family. Two years back, his life changed completely. When his wife passed away, leaving him and his two little daughters all alone, he was determined to take care of them and raise them healthy and happy children at any cost. But fate had even more cruel plans for him.

"My wife passed away unexpectedly. I gathered all my strength and started to work immediately  for my children. One day, while I was working from 2nd floor of a newly constructed building, I fell accidentally and my right leg was broken. I couldn't walk and became disabled permanently. Even then, I did not give up, I was confident. In these 2 years, only now she is asking often about her mother, I felt completely lost. She cannot play like other children and cannot walk for a long time. Every time she suffers from breathlessness I fear I might lose her." - Venkatesan.

Despite being disabled, he tried all odd jobs to support his family

After the accidental fall, Venkatesan couldn't continue his job. He suffered a lot and with great difficulty he managed to do some odd jobs and all he gets is Rs 200-300  per day. It was then his poor father, at his old age started working to support his family. Venkatesan always managed to smile in presence of his children and play with them and be their best companion, despite all the pain and trauma. Now he has lost all his energy.

"My father worked hard for so many years and raised me and my sister. I always wanted him to take rest and provide him all comforts but now he is working again to help me. I have become a burden to him. With his meager income he helped me and my daughters. How much more can I ask him? I hardly get some jobs and I can't even imagine the money needed for the surgery. Every passing day seems like hell. I can't bear the thought of losing her. I don't know what I can do to save her." - Venkatesan.

How you can help

5-year-old Lakshmi Priya is suffering from a terrible heart disease and only a surgery can save her life. She lost her mother 2 years back and her disabled father is struggling to save her. Her grandfather who works as a plumber supports the family with his meager income. They need Rs 4 lakh for the surgery and it is beyond their capacity. Little Lakshmi is running out of time and surgery is the only way to ease her pain. Her heart disease can even turn fatal without your help.

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