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Single Mother Cannot Save 1-Year-Old Baby Who Needs Urgent Transplant
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Kavitha's life has been a roller coaster ride for the past one year, but nothing could defeat the spirit of this young mother who is struggling every minute to save her baby.  While one of her twins is growing normally like other children, the other one is fighting a dreadful liver cancer. When her husband left her for having twins, she had only one thought on her mind- to raise her children healthy and happy at any cost. She struggled all alone and made sure her baby Kaveesh underwent chemotherapy to fight cancer. But that's not enough to save her baby's life - he needs an urgent liver transplant. This time, Kavitha is completely shattered. She worries if she can make it happen all alone this time. However, she's not willing to give up at any cost.

Kavitha's only hope in life was shattered completely when baby Kaveesh was diagnosed with a deadly tumour in his liver

Kavitha was overwhelmed with joy when she learnt that she was pregnant with twins. But, sadly, her husband did not want to have twins as he couldn't take care of two children. Kavitha gathered all her strength and stood her ground - she would not give up on her babies. Her husband left her even before they were born, and Kavitha felt helpless. But she felt a ray of hope in her life when her twins were born healthy.  She gave birth to a baby boy Kaveesh and baby girl Keerthi. Kavitha decided to find a job soon to take care of her kids but fate had other cruel plans. Baby Kaveesh was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma,  a very rare cancerous tumour that starts in the liver and can spread rapidly to other parts of the body.

"My baby's stomach was swollen and it became very prominent in few days. I knew something was wrong but I never imagined it to be this bad. It took days to come to terms with the reality of his disease. I then took my daughter also to hospital for tests,and doctors said she was fine, I was relieved but how can a mother be at peace when one child is suffering? " - Kavitha.

Keerthi and Kavish

Baby Kaveesh's painful journey has not come to an end, he needs an urgent liver transplant to fight cancer

Baby Kaveesh had to start painful chemotherapy immediately. His little body had to endure so much pain. He has got mouth sores that are making it extremely difficult to even drink a sip of water. He cries in pain all the time.  Sometimes, Kavitha gets too scared to touch his stomach. With great difficulty, Kaveesh completed his chemotherapy cycles but now he needs a liver transplant before cancer spreads aggressively to other parts. Kavitha with no second thoughts volunteered to donate her liver to save her baby's life. It is only because of her willpower that she managed to come so far in this painful journey. She left no stone unturned to save her baby.

"Everyday I hope that my son will soon play like my daughter and grow happily but his condition is only getting worse. I can't bear to see him suffering. I give all my attention to my son, he holds me firmly whenever he is given injections. I'm waiting for the day where my son and daughter would both grow happily. I'm willing to do anything for them." - Kavitha.

Kavitha's aged parents who helped her with all the expenses till now have now no means to support her

Kavitha, her babies and her aged parents live in a rented room in Avadi, Chennai. Her father, who is a retired central government employee helped with the household as well as medical expenses. But now he has also exhausted all his savings, and the bills are piling up every day. The doctors have assured that Kaveesh can live a normal life if he gets the transplant as soon as possible but Kavitha has not found a way yet to afford her son's treatment.

"I feel guilty to see my aged parents struggling with me to save my son. I do not know what I can do to save his life. The transplant costs 22,50,000. I can't even imagine such a huge sum. Without the transplant, his condition will get even worse and turn fatal. I dread to think of the consequences. I'll never be able to forgive myself if I fail to save him." - Kavitha.

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1-year-old Kaveesh is fighting a cancerous tumour in his liver. He is in constant pain and only an urgent liver transplant can save his life. His poor mother who has been abandoned by her husband and is struggling all alone to save his life. She has tried all the ways possible, but now only your help can save her son from this cruel fate.

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