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Help Jay save his son - His last chance to survive
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Dear All,

As you all know, My son was undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia since Oct'17. He was progressing well until Dec'18 and unfortunately he had relapse and as per doctors we had to abandon the maintenance therapy and the treatment  was shifted to UK R3 protocol (aggressive chemo) was initiated and after couple of weeks he had severe infection due to chemo and was shifted to ICU for 2 weeks and since then his treatment continued and he completed all of the chemo and was referred for brain and spine radiation.

He completed the radiation therapy as his counts were very low (as expected) doctors waited to initiate maintenance therapy and unfortunately after a week the disease was relapsed  and the doctors suggested nothing can be done and requested us to get him discharged.

However, I was referred to Narayana Majumdar health center (Dr. Sharat Damodar), I spoke to him and he analyzed all the reports and suggested to treat him with Salvage chemotherapy along with BMT, which is the only option to save my son as it is very aggressive cancer which has occurred twice in 8 months.

Presently, my son is admitted in Narayana health for chemo treatment for a month and after that he would be in remission for 1 month and then he would undergo to BMT. However, every step in the treatment has its complications and also there shouldn't be any relapse while he is on remission, If so, again he would undergo chemo for 6-8 months and then he would undergo BMT.

Also, this is the last chance for him to recover, as he has taken enough chemo for the past 2 years and body will not sustain heavy chemo dosage after this.

I need all of your support yet again to help me in this difficult situation and my son's only chance to survive.

Estimation for current treatment : 42.5 Lakh (assuming there are no complications).

Salvage Chemo :

I. Salvage Chemo cost : 3 lakh
II. BMT cost : 39.5 lakh

Estimation split up :

Pre-BMT evaluation of Donor : 50,000
Pre-BMT evaluation of patient : 50,000
TCR alpha / CD 45RA Beta depletion kit : 12,50,000
Cost of Haplo transplantation :  20,00,000
Cost of follow-up : 3,00,000
Complications if any :  3,00,000

Total estimation : 42.5 lakh
Cash on Hand : 10.5 lakh

Amount shortfall : 32 lakh (assuming if there are no major complications).

Below are the expenses incurred :

Below are the fund details at hand :

1) Milaap Fund raising :  4 lakh
2) NGO :     3 lakh
3) Cash on Hand : 3.5 lakh

Total cash left (1+2+3) = 10.5 lakh

Amount accumulated :

1) Milaap crowd funding  : 32 lakh
2) Right to Live NGO : 7 lakh
3) fund transfer : 15 lakh

Total : 54 lakh

Expenses incurred till date :

I. Daughter's treatment :
1) kidney transplant - 12 lakh
2) Supportive medicines for first 6 months - 3 lakh

Total expense incurred : 15 lakh

II. Son's treatment :

1) Chemo initiation - 3 lakh
2) ICU admission   - 9 lakh
3) Chemo II - 2 lakh
4) Cheno III - 2 lakh
5) Chemo IV - 3 lakh
6) Chemo V - 3 lakh
7) Radiation therapy - 4 lakh
8) Overall Blood periodic Blood test - 2.5 lakh (Jan-Aug)

Total expense incurred : 28.5 lakh
Amount accumulated : 54 lakh
Daughter's treatment + Son's treatment = 15 + 28.5 = 43.5 lakh

Remaining amount : 10.5 lakh remaining.

Below is the previous description :

My name is Jay and I work for a private company in Bengaluru and my wife is a home maker. We are blessed with two kids who are our source of happiness.

My eleven-year-old daughter, Shreya was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (failure of both her kidneys) in 2015 and its been four years she was on dialysis (Peritoneal Dialysis) and the left kidney had to removed due to an infection in Apr'18 and post that she is undergoing Hemo dialysis every second day while awaiting a suitable donor for Kidney transplant.

And this was only the beginning of our nightmare. Just as she gradually started recovering, my son got admitted in the hospital for a minor medical problem in December.
Unfortunately, My Son Vijayasimha nine-year-old son, Vijayasimha was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (Blood cancer) in 2017 and since then he has been undergoing chemo for 14 months, unfortunately the doctors diagnosed and have come to the conclusion that this deadly disease has returned (relapse).

The only treatment for Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia relapse is to administer a very aggressive course of Chemo again, post the Chemo therapy, he would undergo brain radiation and post that, they would re-run all the tests (MRI, BMT, MRD) and the tests results being negative for leukaemia, the last life saving course for him will be Bone Marrow Transplant (Stem Cell transplant).

Both the treatments have been really expensive and I have managed to take the strain of the extreme expenses till today, but now the cost of the treatment for my son is estimated to exceed 30 Lakhs including the stem cell transplant which unfortunately is not covered under the health insurance scheme.

For the past 4 years, I have exhausted my savings and with utmost pain in my heart, I am seeking help to see my kids are back to their routine life.

Then doctor's told us about medical crowdfunding. We saw how well other fundraisers on the website were doing and hope, like never before, filled us. Now we cling onto this hope that the only way left to save our kids is you.

Every day, I watch helplessly as my son and daughter struggle for life. Being kids who cannot understand the extent of the diseases they battle, they are upset and confused with the symptoms. We now have no choice but to turn to you with the heavy request of saving both our kids life.

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