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NIOG - A Miniature Help To Nature Loved Once
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Nature means mountains, swamps, oceans, and the night sky, but it also means animals of all sorts. Recognizing their symbolic and emotional power, environmental advocates often use images of wild animals in order to raise both consciousness and money. While wolves in Yellowstone serve as proud symbols of a wilderness that deserves protection, oil-soaked pelicans on Gulf Coast beaches provide concrete images of human destructiveness. However, nature also means more homely animals who live in our backyards, city parks, and even within our houses. Familiar creatures—an owl hooting in a suburban tree, deer paused on the roadside at dusk.

Although animals receive little attention in environmental thought, a growing literature addresses the moral status of nonhuman animals. Like environmental philosophy, animal ethics encompasses diverse theoretical models, including not only rights-based but also Utilitarian, virtue, feminist, and religious frameworks. Animal ethics also identifies a wide range of qualities as the source of value in nonhuman animals, from life itself to sentience, intelligence, sociability, or relations with humans. Almost all animal ethicists, however, agree that nonhuman animals have intrinsic value and should be protected on that basis.

Project Plan By NIOG
I decided to help our nature loved ones at any cost I can’t see them in pain everywhere in my life. So, I will make it possible by any way.
Here are the essential items that we need to buy from donation amount:-
Need a open place where I can keep them comfortably and safely.
Need a 24 hours ambulance service for any animals anytime.
Need a 24/7 helpline number to get information where animals are suffering.
Support Team of minimum 10 people on salary.
Need a well educated and experienced veterinary for treatment and 2 nurses for supporting him or her.
All essential medicine needs to be keep in inventory.
Cleaning staffs along with all cleaning equipment.
All types of healthy food for animals
Vitamins and proteins in should be in stock.
Advertising service so we can get instant calls from all areas nearby me about animal’s issue.
At last, we try to donate animal’s puppy or abandoned animals to someone who love them from pure heart.
As I state above, these are the few important steps I need to fulfill from the donation amount. I am not here to waste anyone money I am just trying to help our nature so our next generation can feel and love nature too.
Indrajeet Shekhar

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