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Help Sai Seva Trust Improve The lives Of The Needy
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80G tax benefits for INR donations


Small Actions x Lots of People = Big Change!
Will you be the driver of this change??

About Sai Seva Trust:
Sai Seva Trust was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing a home for needy children and a comfortable living environment for the elderly. Swami Vivekananda Orphanage, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Old Age Home, and Sai Spandana School are all part of this institution. Currently, the organisation has been supporting 49 orphan children, 30 old age and 9 sick patients. To know more about the trust, visit the website – Website Link
Covid-19 has changed our lives and the effect is not temporary. It has had a significant impact on the finances and operations of Sai Seva Trust, as it has on many other organisations. There has been a huge reduction in both voluntary and charitable donations from organisations and people. Apart from these obstacles, the trust has pledged to increase its commitment to society by assisting rural women and addressing the job challenges that transgender people face.

What is the problem?
Although the Trust members and other volunteer donors donate the money every month for the day to day operations of the Trust, there exists a lack of funds for further expansion and operations.
  • With increasing inequalities between rich and poor and limited job opportunities, there is a pressing need to scale up operations and enhance the standard of living of the poor. Through a primary survey conducted in nearby villages and tandas, we found that rural women are having a hard time meeting their daily needs, and there is a big need to assist them in improving their living conditions in a sustainable manner. The Sai Seva Trust has taken the initiative in this regard and has committed to establishing a Tailoring Training Centre for the upliftment of rural women and provision of future job opportunities.
  • Many times when we ask people to talk about transgender people, the first thing that comes to mind is that they have seen most of them begging near traffic signals and in trains. We also complain about their behaviour. But aren't we the ones who put them in this situation? Many members of the transgender community face economic instability as a result of a history of educational discrimination, workplace harassment, and family rejection. The COVID-19 pandemic has hampered their access to crucial emotional and social support networks that are critical to their well-being. The Sai Seva Trust collaborated with a transgender community leader to explore potential ideas that could improve their quality of life while maintaining their dignity. Currently, the trust is planning to open a driving school along with the Tailoring centre (as mentioned earlier) in order to create a new source of income for them.
  • The empty lanes of the school are also about to call the students back and will be alive soon with the chirping of the young kids. The NGO not only ensures that orphan children on the campus receive a good education but also looks after the education of children in surrounding slums. Due to Covid-19, education has shifted towards digital route. However, the education of these children has been severely impacted due to shortage of digital resources. In addition, volunteers and teachers have not been to the trust since long time to impart knowledge. As soon as the school reopens, the need for these resources will suddenly go up and to cater to these needs, funds will be required.
What you can do?
You can act as a catalyst in the development and enhance the quality of life. You can be a part of bringing change and spreading smiles.
  • Though it is difficult to work on the ground in the current conditions due to social distancing measures, let us do our part at least by lending a helping hand to those who are doing so. Donate as much as you wish, no amount is small and what counts is your desire to make a difference in people's lives!!
  • The donation can be in cash or kind. Anything that will enhance the quality of life of society is welcome. The details of other kinds of donations are present below (For more details on them, kindly contact the Trust through email or contact number provided):


Donation Schemes

Amount (in Rs.)


Sponsor a child for a month


Sponsor a child for a year


Sponsor Veg Meal for kids and elderly people


Sponsor Non-veg Meal for kids and elderly people


Celebrate Special Occasions among Children

Any Amount

Donate Bags

Any number/amount (~400/bag) 

Donate Books

Any number/amount

Donate stationary items

Any amount

Contribute towards salary of a teacher per month


Sponsor Tablets for Online Classes

Any Amount (~4500/tablet)

Rural Women

Sponsor Tailoring Machines


Sponsor Digital Aids- Smartphones


Donate Accessories for Tailoring



Contribute towards salary of Driving Trainer


Donate 4-wheelers/Auto

Any amount or Second hand

Contribution towards Petrol

Any amount


Infrastructural development of the Trust

Any Amount

Sponsor Groceries for a day


We would be highly grateful to you for your contributions of any kind. We will keep posting updates on the differences made by you on the Facebook page

What will it provide you? 
  • A sense of pride for contributing towards society by giving back to it
  • Satisfaction for the lifetime
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About us: We are a group of 3 students- Alice Jain, Nikhila Ganta and Aditya Teja Malapaka, pursuing PGDM from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. We are currently doing our social project (DoCC) with the prestigious Sai Anadha Seva Trust, Warangal.

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