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We Can Give Him Our Liver But We Cannot Afford The Surgery

Even as a newborn, Henock lit up the room with his smile. Now, he is now old enough to recognise his parents and sister. He cheers them up with his little giggles, but when he tries to move or inch closer to touch them, pain riddles his little body. Babies cry, but Henock's cries are hardly for milk or sleep. His failing liver has caused his tiny belly to bloat so much that it hurts for him even to breathe. Feeling helpless, Henock's parents are pleading everyone they know to save their son.

Nothing could have prepared this family for Henock's current situation

A fisherman and his housewife, Harshen and Dayana were surprised and delighted when they got pregnant again. Even with his meager income, Harshen prepped for his child’s birth and ensured the little baby would be comfortable in the new world. He could have never accounted for what happened. Henock was born. They were overjoyed until his skin and eyes began turning yellow.

In the village, we understand that newborns get jaundice. We thought it would pass at first, but his urine was so dark that we rushed him to the doctor for an opinion. Even the doctor said it was common, prescribed medicines and told us to wait. It did not work. Henock got worse, and he needed a surgery when he was 2 months old. I gathered all the money I had saved up to drain some bile from his body. We realized after, that this was only a temporary fix. Henock’s liver was damaged and he needs a new one to survive.

5 months old, Henock needs a new liver to make it in this world

Over the past few months, Harshen and Dayana are running back and forth from the hospital in the city to do all they can for Henock’s life. Tests showed that Henock’s health is deteriorating quickly and they are short on time to get him a liver transplant.

We are both a match. Dayana will donate her liver to save Henock. Our 5-year-old daughter, Hena, will spend some time at our relatives’ place until Henock gets better. We figured everything out, but except the money for this surgery.

' We had everything and now it feels like we have nothing'

Harshen is a fisherman who works harder than anyone else in town. He leaves home before the sun rises and returns late after sunset. Despite this, he makes only Rs. 3600/month. Even this money was enough to run his family, and live happily. Until Henock fell sick, Harshen never thought he was poor. Now he feels frustrated and helpless.

I won’t be able to save him. Not on my own. I have sold everything I have, but that gets me nowhere close to a lakh leave alone Rs. 12.5 Lakhs. My daughter was never allowed to play with her brother. We had to explain why. We had to tell her that we cannot spend much time with her now. Instead of being clingy, she prays for a miracle to save him so we can be a happy family again.

How you can help

Baby Henock has lived only five very painful months. He doesn't have much time left and his parents have nothing left to save him. He needs a liver transplant at the earliest to have a shot at a healthy life. Contribute to save this baby from a painful, deadly fate.

Disclaimer: 100% of funds raised will be transferred towards Henock's treatment. Every contribution will be matched to raise funds faster and help little Henock. This fundraiser campaign is supported by The Pravin Agarwal Fund.

Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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22nd June 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Henock has recovered well post transplant. He is living a normal active life and there have been no complications so far.

The family is extremely happy to finally have him at home.

This couldn't have been possible without the support of you all, thank you so much.

9th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards the Henock's treatment. He is doing better now compared to earlier.

He has successfully undergone the liver transplantation procedure on Wednesday, 2nd May. His mother was a match and she donated a part of her liver to him.

Both of them are doing better now and he is still in the hospital under observation. Based on his health and the reports from the tests, the doctors will be suggesting the future course of action.

Thank you all once again for all the wonderful support. Will keep you posted. Do pray for his health and speedy recovery. 
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Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Our prayers are with you. Get well soon.

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god bless you beta!!!you will recover soon.