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Meet Aditi(name changed), a bright 13-year old girl who grew up in Kausani village of Uttarakhand. Her village was far away from the busy cities, and it was serene and surrounded by stunning nature. There were hills touching the clear skies, and glistening rivers flowing through the valleys. However, despite this beautiful scenery, there were big challenges, much like the tall Himalayan mountains in the distance.

Aditi was a first-generation school-goer born into a poor household, with five siblings and her parents worked as daily-wage laborers. The parents worked very hard to make ends meet, often leading to the children having to look after themselves for days on end.

Growing up in such a challenging environment, Aditi was a shy and introverted child. She had dreams that reached far beyond the mountains that surrounded her home. She was fascinated by science, a subject that seemed as distant as the stars.

Aditi's journey towards education was anything but easy. Getting an education, something city children often take for granted, was like a heroic adventure for Aditi and her friends who lived in these remote terrains.

In her village, the nearest school was 3 hours of travel away. Every day, they had to deal with tough conditions, using dangerous paths, especially during monsoons, just to get to school.

Aditi's story is but one thread in the tapestry of millions of children living in remote geographies across India. Official statistics reveal over 22 million children face significant difficulties in accessing quality educational opportunities due to their geographical remoteness.
As per the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2019-21, only 66.8% female population from rural areas ages 6 years and above have ever attended school in India, while only 33% females have completed 10 years or more of education
The average Performance Grading Index score for remote, rural, and conflict geographies in India is 467, compared to 521 for all geographies. This suggests that there is a need for more targeted interventions to improve the quality of education in these areas.

The lack of proper infrastructure, qualified teachers, and contextual learning materials perpetuates a cycle of educational deprivation that threatens the future of these young minds. Illiteracy rates in these areas are alarmingly high, painting a grim picture of their future prospects.


The REACH India Collective, a group of 16 organizations based in remote geographies across India, is determined to help children like Aditi overcome these educational challenges. These dedicated organizations are working hard to bridge the gap in education, making sure that every child can dream of a good education. Together, we aim to unlock the potential of these young minds and provide them with the tools they need to overcome their challenges.

Member organisations work in the geographies where the lowest literacy rate is 26 percent and highest is 70%, both much lower than the national average

It was through the intervention of a member organization of REACH India Collective that Aditi's life took a transformative turn. These member organizations have recognized that the challenges children like Aditi faced were not just about physical access to education but also the emotional and psychological struggles they had to overcome.

By adopting contextual pedagogies and approaches like cultural makers spaces, integrating social-emotional learning, STEM/STEAM education into curriculums, among others, gave Aditi an outlet for her natural curiosity and passion for science, and she excelled. With the support of qualified instructors, she not only learned the fundamentals of science but also discovered her potential as a budding scientist.

Aditi and her friends learned to build self-confidence, manage their emotions, and develop essential life skills. They were taught that their dreams were valid, and they had the potential to achieve them. Slowly but steadily, Aditi began to shed her shyness and embrace her inner strength.

Aditi's transformation was astounding. She had blossomed into a confident young girl with dreams as big as the mountains surrounding her village.

It's an incredible illustration of how the right support and educational tools can empower children in even the most challenging circumstances, illustrating that with the right opportunities and guidance, every child has the potential to shine, regardless of their background or location.

Aditi's journey is a testament to the resilience of children in remote India, but her story is just one facet of a broader struggle. Your concern, support and empathy can be the catalyst for change in the lives of children like Aditi. Your contribution will support REACH India Collective’s members to transform these underserved communities across India and ensure a bright future for Aditi and many other children like her.

Let us rewrite their stories, turn their dreams into reality, and break the cycle of poverty and apathy that has affected remote areas in India for far too long. Together, we shall reach, educate, and empower India's remote children!

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