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1-Year-Old Baby Girl Cannot Fight Deadly Eye Cancer Without Help
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After arriving at the hospital, Nimesh unpacks all of the toys that she has brought from home, and gives them to Baby Ifrah to play. Her parents know that the next few hours will be torturous for their little angel and want her to be happy for as much time as she can.  And when it’s finally time, Nimesh gives a kiss on her little princess’s forehead, before the nurses take her away.  

Ever since she was diagnosed with eye cancer, every two days a month, Baby Ifrah undergoes a grueling procedure that leaves her weak for hours afterwards: She is sedated and strong medicine is injected directly into the arteries of her left eye.  Though her parents cannot bear to see their baby suffer, they know that it is the only way to save their baby’s eyesight and her life.

It all began with the squinting of this little one’s left eye

When she became pregnant before celebrating her first wedding anniversary with husband Imran, she was overjoyed and prayed for a ‘gudiya’ (doll/little girl). Her wish was fulfilled when Baby Ifrah was born. Nimesh always paid close attention to his little one’s growth – from never missing her vaccination schedule to noticing signs of illness. That is how, 3 months ago, she was able to spot the gradual squinting of her baby’s left eye. This unassuming mother did not think much of it at that point, but took her to a doctor to rule out any complication. To her shock and dismay, Ifrah was found to have retinoblastoma, cancer of the eye retina.

“There is nothing my little one loved more than watching video songs on the TV. But ever since she was diagnosed, she is not able to look at us properly when we call out to her, let alone watch TV. But when she hears the tunes of her favourite songs, she turns to that direction and smiles,”-Nimesh, mother.

 ‘How much more money can my husband borrow before we are drowning in debt?’

Cancer treatment can hardly be called affordable for a pharmacist earning only Rs 9,000 a month. Imran has been struggling to meet treatment expenses from day one. To get Ifrah started on chemotherapy, he had to borrow a huge amount – close to 4 lakh rupees – an amount that was completely beyond his reach till then. Whenever he found himself short on money, he would keep borrowing. Till now he has borrowed so much money that he feels he will not be able to return it, even if he worked double shifts for the rest of his life. He is in dire need of money to continue Ifrah’s treatment, but is helpless. Nimesh is finding it difficult to soothe her ailing child on one hand and lift her husband’s spirits up on the other.

How you can save Ifrah

Baby Ifrah’s cancer threatens to not only blind her, but can take her life if she does not get prolonged chemotherapy. Though she has become very weak and can hardly be called a cheerful baby anymore, there is hope for her recovery. Her father, a pharmacist is doing everything he can to save her, but is still short on money despite borrowing heavily from others.

Your kind contribution can ensure that Ifrah gets to live a cancer-free life

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