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My son 8-year-old Aravind is suffering from a rare condition due to which he has lost immunity. He has contracted TB and now is on continuous treatment. I have tried my best to collect money for him. We are from Assam. Aravind is the youngest of my five children. He has stopped going to school because of this condition.

Since birth, he was always a weak kid. He used to get fever and cough always. Over the years, it got worse. We took him to all prominent doctors in Guwahati. But no progress at all. Finally, we came to Chennai. He is now undergoing treatment at Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai. Luckily we have got a donor whose stem cells will match with Aravind.  Bone marrow transplantation is the permanent solution to our problem.

Have attached the estimation letter from the doctor below
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You can also verify at Apollo specialty hospital if need be. Request your support as I don't see a way out to help my son.
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22nd February 2017

Dear supporters,

I am Debotri Roy, a Milaap fellow. Here is an update on Aravind's health.

I spoke to his father, Laxman Singh, today morning. "He has recovered a lot and is doing really great. I didn’t imagine things would get better so quickly. It was only possible due the donors coming forward to help us", he said.

On Aravind's last visit to the hospital on 23rd January 2017, the doctor has diagnosed the current status of the child. The haemoglobin count was 12.7 while the white blood cells count was 5300, both falling under the normal range. He is a very active kid and plays around throughout the day. However, Dr Revathi Raj, advised the family to follow up on 20th March again, when Aravind needs to undergo few tests like MRI, CT Brain, Hepatitis b.

I  spoke to Aravind also, who is absolutely a super enthusiastic child. He spoke to me regarding his favourite game and wishes to go to school as soon as possible. Aravind’s only complaint is his parents force him to eat throughout the day but Laxman complained regarding his loss of appetite completely. 

"We just wanted to say THANK YOU in the biggest way possible. You gave us hope and courage when we completely broke down. During his last birthday, our child was admitted to the hospital, fighting the battle. But this year, in June, he will recover completely and will lead a normal life again", said the parents.

 Thank you once again. We will keep you posted on his progress.

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