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Veeru Needs a Christmas Miracle
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Veeru is 1 years old rescue that travelled to canada for adoption . Being a tripod street-dog, he had absolutely no chance of being adopted in India. He was treated medically once for high liver enzymes in India, and was doing okay. However, in mid November, it was uncovered that Veeru actually has a liver shunt which causes his liver values to be so high. A liver shunt, REQUIRES surgery. Just medicine will not work for him.
The full cost of Veeru's surgery including a CT Scan, surgery and 3 days in hospital is $11,000 CAD. which is 6 lakhs 45,000 in indian currently.We plan to aim and raise around 2 lakh to support veerus fight for life,his parents are doing everthing required for him however the medical needs are crossing hights.

What Is a Liver Shunt?
A network of veins (called the portal system) drains blood away from the digestive tract. This blood carries nutrients, hormones, and waste material and is supposed to enter the liver before it travels to the rest of the body. The liver has to detoxify the blood before sending it onward.
A shunt is a passage “that allows the flow of materials between two structures that are not usually connected.” A portosystemic shunt is, specifically, an abnormal blood vessel that incorrectly connects the portal system draining the digestive tract to the circulatory system feeding the rest of the body, while bypassing the liver.
Because it bypasses the liver, the circulatory system gets unfiltered blood full of toxins.
This causes various symptoms such as:
Poor appetite
Weight loss
Increased thirst and urination
Neurological issues like mental dullness, staring vacantly, poor vision, unsteadiness, circling, and head pressing against walls, etc.

Due to the liver shunt, Veeru's liver values are at 600, whereas the normal level is less than 10. If he can receive this surgery, the values will lower permanently, and he can go back to living a normal life. To make him more stable for the surgery, he is now on special hepatic food which makes it easy for his liver to process. He is also on Lactulose 3 times a day which will help eliminate some of the toxins from his body.
December is the season of giving - so lets give Veeru a fighting chance. Will you be his Secret Santa and help save his life?

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