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Hello All! I am Anoushka, lovingly known as mowgli, founder of the charity The Modern Mowgli. It was born five years ago out of a crumbled ten rupee note found in the pocket of my jeans and a packet of biscuits sufficient for only two dogs. Gradually, it became a habit and universe orchestrated this so brilliantly that everywhere I went, I only saw animals in distress and needing medical intervention.

All animals born on the street, are brought into this miserable world only to die. With suffering being the only option left to fill in the space between birth and death. But people like you and me, are vested with the power to change the fate for them, to disrupt this pattern of suffering, to make their lives less harsh and ensure their well being.

What started with five dogs steadily grew to 150+ dogs. We just couldn’t turn them away. Someone rightly said- even a snake bitten man finds sleep but not the hungry. We had to make our efforts sustainable so that none of the dogs under our care ever had to sleep on a rumbling belly.

We rented out a place in Tuqlakabad along with other feeders where food for our dogs is cooked and packed every morning and evening. We look after and feed 150 street dogs every night spanning two states within India- Delhi & Haryana.

To see these once abused and starved dogs sit by the roadside with their head resting on their paws, nervously waiting for our scooty’s *beep beep* and tails wagging happily every night is a sight for sore eyes. This inspires us to go to feed them every night through hail and storm, in sickness and in health, on packed weekdays and free weekends.

The cost of feeding 150+ dogs every month  is 48,000₹ which includes the salaries of our employees, petrol, gas, rice, chicken waste, dog food, eggs, dry cat food, wet cat food and other miscellaneous charges.

Our dogs and cats not only enjoy free food, hugs and kissies but their medical needs are also taken care of. All of our dogs are sterilized when they turn 8 months of age from private vets that cost us 3000₹ per surgery + 3500₹ transportation. Dogs can multiply exponentially if they aren’t sterilised bringing more puppies into this chaotic world which ultimately meet with unfortunate ends.

They are vaccinated yearly and treated on the spot for any bruises or wounds. We rush them to the vet the minute they show signs of lethargy or appear febrile and frail detecting several fatal diseases within time. Their vet bills cost us 2000₹-7000₹ depending upon what the treatment is and its course. Since we feed dogs on a large scale, every month 2-4 of them do require medical intervention.

Some of them require round the clock care and have to be admitted at MaxVets.  The others are taken to Niti Bagh Pet Clinic, Dr Kharb’s Pet Clinic, CGS Hospital, Dr Anand’s clinic every evening in autos and cabs. I see them flinch at every touch, the blood, the gore, the darkness looming in their eyes. But the hope of a better day is still lingering in their minds.

We run a blanket spay and neuter program and a vaccination program that seeks to eliminate diseases like Parvo, Distemper & Leptospirosis that take away the lives of countless innocent puppies.

We often rescue sick and debilitated animals from the unkind and unforgiving streets everywhere in Delhi, not just from the zones we cover, provided we have the means. They are fostered by me and our limited network of fosters for weeks together until they’re declared fit by the vets.

They have had their strength and will tested several times, we feel it is incorrect of us to turn away a dog in dire need of rescuing. We scrape up every penny we can find, move ill and battered animals to boardings and treat them till they are A okay to be released back into their territories. Some of the boardings that keep our dogs are Tail Club, Petstreet & Happy Paws that charge us between 5,000₹-12,000₹.

With puppies, the risk of releasing them is even greater. After exposing them to the comforts of a home, bouncing them on our laps and being at their paws throughout the day, it becomes morally wrong to put them back on the roads and endanger their lives again. Their immunity is compromised and death is always hovering near them and flashing before their eyes, every second of every minute of every day. Not only that, animals lose their survival skills after living in a secured environment for too long. It becomes our responsibility to be their best caretakers and find them homes deserving of them and give them a second chance at life.

 We have placed 65+ dogs and cats in homes all over India. We find them homes where they are considered equal to other family members and spoilt rotten. Given the recent dearth in the adoptions of our desi dogs, we have partnered with rescue organizations overseas that help place them on our behalf and grant them new beginnings. We started the campaign Dogs Without Borders, a name given by one of our followers, to help our dogs fly seven seas away. Our dogs fly to New Jersey, New York, Seattle, Toronto & Vancouver where the rescue organization finds them homes. The cost of sending them overseas is anywhere between 40,000₹ - 90,000₹ depending on the availability of a flight buddy.

Our species is failing every single day, killing and abusing animals for fun and trading their lives for few moments of happiness, and still living in our redundant arrogant ways. Most of their lives, full of misery, halt to an agonizing dead end or either drag on and are punctuated by horrific accidents. It is our duty to be there for them, to be better neighbours to the ones we share this planet with either directly altering their lives or passively by enabling people who are working for their welfare.

I have tried my best to give you an insight about what we do. Our expenses are huge and this charity is run solely by me, if it feels like a cause that resonates with you, please donate to our campaign so that we can carry on with our efforts and our rescue missions don’t come to a standstill.

To stay up to date on our rescue missions, follow us on

Facebook- The Modern Mowgli
Instagram- @themodernmowgli19

Pwease pwease help us help them!

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