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ICU Ambulance - Advanced Life Support Vehicle
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We Can't Afford to be slow in an EMERGENCY
When every minute counts, Here's what you must do to help a road accident victim, In Fact the initial 10 minutes after trauma/accident are considered most life saving and have been labelled PLATINUM 10 MINUTES

We at REDinspired Foundation, recognize the critical importance of providing emergency medical services to individuals in need, particularly in situations where immediate intensive care is required. By raising funds to purchase an ICU ambulance, we aim to enhance our capacity to respond to medical emergencies and save lives.

Here are a few reasons why we are raising funds for an ICU ambulance:

Rapid Response: An ICU ambulance equipped with advanced medical equipment and facilities allows us to provide immediate and specialized care to critically ill or injured individuals (Accident Cases). Time is of the essence in emergency situations, and having an ICU ambulance enables us to reach the scene quickly and provide life-saving interventions on the spot.

Enhanced Medical Capabilities: ICU ambulances are equipped with specialized medical equipment, such as cardiac monitors, ventilators, defibrillators, and other vital medical devices. These resources enable our medical professionals to stabilize patients, administer necessary treatments, and monitor their condition during transportation to the hospital or other medical facilities during the Golden Hour.

The Golden Hour is the crucial period following a traumatic accident, fall, or injury during which immediate and necessary medical attention can increase the chances of survival for the victim. Do you know that most accident cases that result in fatalities can be averted? Yes, if the victim is provided professional medical attention in the golden hour, the chances of his/her survival increase multi-folds. This golden hour is the first hour following an accident.

During the first hour, the objective is to stop bleeding, help the patient breathe, call for help and arrange for an ambulance to take the victim to the nearest medical center where a qualified professional could begin the treatment.

Extended Reach: With an ICU ambulance, we can extend our reach and provide critical care to individuals in remote or under served areas. This is particularly important in situations where immediate access to intensive care units might not be readily available. The ICU ambulance serves as a mobile unit that brings advanced medical care directly to the patient, bridging the gap between emergency situations and hospital care.

Collaborative Partnerships: Having an ICU ambulance can strengthen our partnerships with hospitals, medical professionals, and emergency response agencies. By providing a fully equipped ICU ambulance, we can collaborate more effectively during emergency situations, ensuring seamless and coordinated care for patients from the scene to the hospital.

Community Impact: The presence of an ICU ambulance in our community can provide reassurance and peace of mind to individuals and families. Knowing that immediate, high-quality critical care is available in emergencies can alleviate anxiety and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Our aim is to offer 360 degree pre-hospital care during the Golden Hour. 24/7 Support, Well equipped with emergency drugs,equipment and competent paramedical staff, Advanced cardiac life support, Live video streaming from ambulance to hospital via connected hospital (because a wrong decision in selecting the nearest hospital may increase complications,loss of blood and may cause fatalities in some cases)

By raising funds to acquire an ICU ambulance, we aim to improve emergency medical services, save lives, and make a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals and communities in need. We believe that every individual deserves access to timely and quality healthcare, and the ICU ambulance is a crucial tool in fulfilling that vision.

By donating you are also becoming a life saver and the injured and his/her family will be forever thankful to you as you have saved a life, You also will become a God like person in their eyes.

Thank You


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