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Project Nivala - Let's Feed India.
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    Advocate Saif Alam
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Peoples Of Slum

    from Mumbai, Maharashtra

The problem

Are you feeling helpless during this pandemic? Even though your job stability and income might be affected, daily wage beggars and drivers in the slums of Mumbai need you. Help feed their families! The government and many organizations are doing everything that they can to support as many families as possible but the sheer number of families in abject poverty need every helping hand. Keep in mind that even when the lockdown ends, it is these daily wage earners that have maximum contact with others and are exposed to the highest risk


Locations: Slums of MUMBAI 


Ration for one family: Rs 1500 per month (cost of a Netflix subscription) 


Ration kit: Aata, dal, rice, salt, sugar, oil, and toiletries


Solution: A collaboration of many organizations working together to ensure


1] Food


2] Funds and


3] Family Security


We ensure doorstep delivery of rations (with all the necessary precautions) and provide the necessary support that families require to make it through this time of crisis.


How: We deliver the kits to the doorstep of the family. Our team packs the ration and sanitization materials into kits for each family. The ration is being stored at Advocate Saif Alams office, dropping center. We pack and deliver 100 kits daily with necessary permissions.


Precautions: While packing, we wear gloves and masks. While stepping out, we wear gloves, masks, and surgical coats. Hand sanitizers come to the rescue to ensure continuous cleanliness. 


Details: We use our social network to identify families in need and figure out the best way to reach them. Some close to the main road are invited to pick up rations during time slots to ensure that crowds do not form. For those living further away, we deliver the kits to the houses of these families. We now feed families in the Ghettos of Mumbai (Dharavi, Govandi, Mankhurd and the Chawls of Cheetah Camp, Trombay, Mumbai 400088.


We are also accepting in-kind donations. You can Send raw material and sanitation kit too 


Adv. Saif Alam house, Asha niwas, room number 6,Pailipada trombay Mumbai 400088.

 Funds Utilization :
1) Rations kit and Medical Supplies : 1500rs / Family * 200 Family = 3,00,000 Rs




With this campaign, 300 ration kits have been delivered to 300 families in 30 days with the help of our donors online. This campaign will ensure that 800 more families have the required nourishment till the situation returns to normalcy as they live in small tent houses in the ghettos of Mumbai Known as Govandi, Dharavi, antophil, Mankhurd & Malwani. 



My name : Advocate Saif Alam


Twitter handle: @advSaifAlam

 My story.
I am a Practicing Advocate at Bombay High court & social activist for the welfare of women & children development founder president of a nonprofit organization Exa Education Foundation
During the last year covid -19 wave, in 2020 we have helped more than 10000 rations kits to more than 10000 families, and have assisted more than 100 families with medical assistance with more than 10 cancer patients treatment, and as an advocate practicing at Bombay High court, I have also been legally aiding people for free during this covid and have filed writ petitions to help the people who haven't got essential vials, ventilators, oxygen cylinders & hospital beds to get court orders in favor for common people. 
So it all started when the state government announced the lockdown and we all were baffled by the news that it would be just periodic for cessation of the disease spread, but when the PM went live and declared it as complete lockdown it created havoc in the society, because where I live in closely is surrounded by a slum called cheetacamp where the majority of migrant workers reside, who have come from different parts of the country like West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan. I've to close my chambers since the announcement was done, and my chambers are in the location of cheetacamp and I know how people out there are living and 60% of the population are daily bread earners who work on daily wages since I meet them daily for legal consultation. We started helping people at our level which was 15 workers from my dad's workshop where he manages 15 tailors, we provided a month's ration to them when the owner refused to do.

Secondly, I started getting calls from locals for help, and that's when I decided to fundraise, and I started talking to everyone in my acquaintance until I messaged Fatima who brought in real help to me and that's where I initially helped 50 families in cheetacamp, and that move by her really inspired me and put some adrenaline to work for many, then I took more cases from Govandi & cheetacamp, Trombay.

Not just with food ration kits, we also have provided Rents for some families, medications. 

I remember a special case, a migrant worker died here in cheetacamp accidental death while he was trying to get some money from his contractor the slab of a house felled on him and he died, and with social media fundraising on Twitter we were able to collect some 35k and 15k from locals which helped his corpse reach to his family at Bengal.


Some other special cases we deal with were when I distributed kits to Hindu families in Ramadan, About 30 of them, and all of them were so happy to see help from a Muslim-dominated slum that too in Ramadan. 
Apart from this we are working tirelessly on providing legal aide to domestic violence victims, filing petitions & PIL for citizens rights during this pandemic you can see my work on twitter Or just google Advocate Saif Alam. 
Out of the money we are doing small sustainable development projects, where we are helping widows & single moms to start their small business or becomes self skilled, we are also helping cancer patients with medicines throughout this pandemic. 

Catch our work on Twitter. 

Till now, I've catered around 10000 families with dry rations, and 1000 daily cooked food to the slum dwellers.

I need your support to reach as many as I can, till we fight this virus of hunger.

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